Local Dental IT Support in Virginia Beach

HRCT provides local IT support and IT services for dentists and dental offices throughout Virginia Beach.

Local Dental IT Support in Virginia Beach: HRCT Offers Dentists High-Performing Technology Solutions

Protecting your IT network allows safe accessibility of patient records while staying compliant. Your dental practice needs a reliable IT provider to ensure your patients have the highest quality of care in and out of the dental office.

As technology gets more sophisticated, your dental practice needs an IT infrastructure that works, increases productivity, and enhances service efficiency.

HRCT will offer you a scalable IT platform that simplifies workflow across your dental office. You can leverage several managed IT services for dental practices, including:

Local Dental It Support In Virginia Beach

1. Cybersecurity Solutions for Dental Practices

Patients’ data is a lucrative target for cybercriminals. The patient and hospital data that your dental clinics store, share and analyze create a huge surface of entry points for cybercriminals.

Dental practices face the same regulations and challenges that other medical counterparts in the healthcare industry. Dental practices face new challenges in maintaining compliance and cyber security.

Dental practices require resilient cybersecurity solutions that shoulder the burden of protecting patients and staff data.

HRCT offers cybersecurity solutions for dental practices that protect patients and hospital data that you store, share, and analyze electronically. We help dental practices in Virginia Beach to achieve greater security and resilience to prevent threats that lead to:

  • Patients data breach
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Disruptions that put your dental practice at risk

We’ll help your dental practice to adopt technology that:

  • Protect your dental firm from email-borne ransomware attacks.
  • Prevent your business from getting targeted with malicious URL attachments.
  • Encrypt your communication and attachment for safe sharing.
  • Block inappropriate or malicious web activity.
  • Deliver continuity even when you’re facing an outage.

2. Backup and Cloud Security for Dentists

All your patient information that your dental practice owner must comply with HIPPA regulations. You have the burden of ensuring that business data and patients’ information are safe from disasters and cyberattacks.

HRCT will help you secure Protected Health Information (PHI) for local and cloud backup. We’ll offer you an easy dental backup and disaster recovery service that complies with the HIPAA Security Guideline.

We’ll help you manage backup storage store of data such as:

  • Patients’ health records
  • X-ray information
  • Insurance data

We’ll help you keep your data safe and accessible. HRCT correctly understands that keeping records is the first step to designing your business’s backup plan.

We’ll then keep up to three copies of your data on different devices, with one on the cloud, to ensure business continuity regardless of what happens.

Our backup strategy will ensure:

  • Fast access to files in case you lose data for any reason
  • Quick recoveries in case your computer crashes
  • Reliable recovery from damage, disaster, or malware attack
  • You’re compliant with regulatory requirements

3. Network Monitoring and Alerting For Dental Practices

Your dental practice requires comprehensive network monitoring services to monitor and troubleshoot the issue of your network. You need to be alert to potential problems before they can slow down or result in a network outage.

As your network grows — connecting multiple devices on your IT network to enhance productivity and efficiency — you need to have the full picture of your network infrastructure.


  • Equip your data center to ensure it processes patient data with 100% reliability to allow your dental practice to meet customer expectations every time.
  • Help you stay ahead of outages and ensure your dental practice service and data are available by keeping an eye on your network to address issues as soon as they arise.
  • Analyze any suspicious network event to let you know how your traffic is flowing across the network, detect potential issues, and enhance the reliability and security of your network.
  • Monitor environmental factors like overheating and hardware environmental factors to prevent hardware damage.

4. Virus Protection

Virus protection is critical but largely overlooked in dental practice. Your network, devices, and computers have confidential patient data and sensitive business data.

With the rising threat of cyber attacks on the healthcare industry, you need to ensure that your dental practice is protected from virus infection. You need to invest in preventive measures like:

  • Installing the most advanced anti-virus software to quarantine malicious files and ensure it has no access to your computer
  • Adopting next-generation firewalls to identify malicious code and control traffic in your network to prevent viruses from entering your computer
  • Training your team about virus protection, how to spot phishing emails, and how to react in the event of a virus attack
  • Executing regular updates to your software and antivirus patch any vulnerability that cybercriminals might use to attack your dental practice

More importantly, you can create a separate guest wifi connection that has no connection with your management software. Some management software doesn’t encrypt patient information sent from the workstation to the server.

If hackers connect to your business wifi, they can potentially access patient data and send a virus — leaving you vulnerable.

5. Remote Support for Dentists

As many healthcare institutions adopt technology, your dental practice would benefit from remote access.

With HRCT remote support services:

  • You can remotely use specialized medical software that runs on a high-end machine to perform dental practice tasks from anywhere
  • Employees can access files, patient records, and medical images while moving from the examination room to different departments or from home
  • Your patients can access and update the insurance and standard information on mobile devices remoting into the E.H.R system, eliminating the need for paperwork and human error

We’ll secure the remote access technology with 2FA encryption, 256-bit encryption, HIPPA compliance, and more security features.

HRCT will deploy remote access software to help your IT help desk consolidate services. With remote access, our technicians can troubleshoot IT problems more quickly regardless of the device’s location.

We can take control of the computer and laptop remotely to check exactly what’s happening for the device in your system.

HRCT Offers Local IT Support for Dental Practices in  Virginia Beach

Like any other business that depends on tech for operating, dental practices require expert IT support that offers more than just virus protection and software updates. You need a partner who actively ensures you comply with regulations and protects your technology from cyber-attacks.

Our HRCT team will shoulder all your computer and network needs, leaving you and your team focused on delivering high-quality dental services. We’ve helped hundreds of dental practices in Virginia Beach, and we want to help you, too.

Contact us today for both on-site and remote IT support.