HRCT Delivers Expert Tech Support To Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia

With three full-time dentists on staff, Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia is an active and growing dental practice.

Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia Gets Expert Tech Support From HRCT

Modern dental practices are so dependent on their technology that they can’t afford to settle for general IT support. You need a team that has expertise with specific dental technologies you rely on, and can deliver personal, consistent support when you need it.

That’s why Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia recently hired HRCT.

With three full-time dentists on staff, Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia is an active and growing dental practice. As a pediatric dental practice that manages two dental operating rooms, it relies directly on its IT to ensure staff members can access and update patient medical records at a moment’s notice.

Prior to working with HRCT, this practice wasn’t getting the speed or quality of IT support that it needed.

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Slow IT Support Was Risking Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia’s Quality Of Care

“We started working with another local IT group, and worked with them for the first 3-4 years,” says Lindsay Wong, Business Manager, Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia. “We were not satisfied at all.”

Before working with HRCT, Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia had partnered with a different local IT company. This provider offered a standard range of support solutions but regularly failed to deliver the speed of response that Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia’s staff needed.

“We were not satisfied with the turnaround time for getting things resolved,” says Lindsay.

More than once, the Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia staff encountered issues when they needed to be able to very quickly access and update patient records, but couldn’t do so because of an IT problem. When they called their IT company to resolve, they couldn’t get a resolution as fast as they needed to, which slowed down their work and put their quality of care at risk.

“The turnaround time was my biggest concern,” says Lindsay. “We knew it wasn’t working and needed to switch.”

Fortunately for Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia, they soon received a call from the HRCT team.

That’s When Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia Switched To HRCT

In 2021, HRCT contacted the practice on a cold sales call to discuss what they could do for them. Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia was in the market for a new IT partner, and so, they opted to book a meeting with our team.

We presented our core competencies and service features to the Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia team, explaining the many solutions we offered. We also detailed our experience working with medical practices and HIPAA-compliant organizations like theirs. In her own research, Lindsay also found that HRCT is very well reviewed by other clients.

“We were satisfied with the presentation on a higher level and with their HIPAA compliance capabilities,” says Lindsay.

The first priority for Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia was to find an IT partner that would understand the urgency of their critical support requests. When they need access to patient records and encounter an IT issue, they can’t wait around for a resolution in a few hours—they need it right away.

As a part of our Complete Care managed services package, Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia gets guaranteed response times based on a carefully defined and committed SLA.

This core component of our service gave Lindsay and the Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia staff confidence that they would get the speed and quality of support they needed, and so, we took over management of their IT in late 2021.

What Does HRCT Do For Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia?


MTR, a premier offering by Sophos, builds on the monitoring and alert capabilities of SIEM by adding a response system as well. With MTR, we are made aware of suspicious activity in Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia’s environment immediately.

MTR enlists expert support from a team of outsourced threat hunters who will:

  • Proactively hunt for and validate potential threats and incidents
  • Use all available information to determine the scope and severity of threats
  • Apply the appropriate business context for valid threats
  • Initiate actions to remotely disrupt, contain, and neutralize threats
  • Provide actionable advice for addressing the root cause of recurring incidents


Avanan is an enterprise cloud email security solution. It is powered by True AI to protect the client’s inboxes and has multi-layer security which enables full-suite protection. It protects cloud email and collaboration suites, such as Offices 365, G-suite, Teams, and Slack, from cyberattacks.

The Avanan platform blocks phishing, malware, data leakage, account takeover, and shadow IT across the entire enterprise. It replaces the need for multiple tools to secure the entire cloud collaboration suite.


Our partnership with StorageCraft is one of the tools that HRCT uses to protect our clients’ data from disaster, accidental deletion, and other threats. StorageCraft solutions are a central component that we leverage in keeping the data and workflow of our clients secure and accessible.

Storms, floods, hurricanes, power outages, power surges, and cybercriminal activity can limit or erase the client’s local access to data. HRCT harnesses the power of StorageCraft to ensure that limited local data access does not derail their internal, external, or cloud processes.


Keeper is a leading password management solution. It generates, keeps track of, and retrieves complex and long passwords for users to protect their vital online information.

It also remembers the user’s PINS, credit card numbers and three-digit CVV codes if the client chooses this option. Plus, it provides answers to security questions for the users. All of this is done with strong encryption that makes it difficult for hackers to decipher.

HRCT Identified & Eliminated Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia’s HIPAA Compliance Concerns

HIPAA compliance is a fundamental component of any company or organization that deals with the transfer of confidential patient information. Failure to uphold HIPAA regulations and meet HIPAA compliance standards can result in huge fines and penalties for healthcare providers of all kinds.

After all, healthcare organizations like Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia deal in the most valuable data on the market: healthcare information. That’s why cybercrime is so prevalent in the healthcare sector.

HIPAA compliance has a long list of requirements, and overlooking even a single one can mean serious consequences for a practice like Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia. As a part of our onboarding with the practice, we carefully assessed their HIPAA compliance processes to ensure they weren’t at risk.

In the course of our assessment, we identified a few areas that required attention and quickly addressed them to mitigate any potential risks. We continue to monitor and manage their HIPAA compliance on an ongoing basis.

Now Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia Can Focus On Their Patients

“They’re very skilled at problem-solving,” says Lindsay.

Working with HRCT, the Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia staff is confident they made the right choice this time. They now have an IT partner that directly manages everything IT-related in their business, from dental software to third-party tech vendors to ongoing projects.

“They’re always professional and customer-service-focused,” says Lindsay.

It’s this quality of support that allows the Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia staff to focus on delivering the best possible experience for their patients. They don’t have to worry about their IT—they can trust that HRCT is taking care of it.