Cloud Services For Dental Offices

HRCT provides cloud services and cloud technologies for dental offices throughout Virginia. Discover how we can help you today.

Like in other healthcare sectors, technology revolutionizes and integrates itself into the fabric of performance, compliance, and service delivery. With cloud services in your dental office, you can enjoy convenient access to your office from any location, as long as you have an internet connection.

What’s more, you can implement cloud-based dental software covering various aspects of practice management and improving compliance with healthcare data management and information security standards.

At HRCT, we offer key cloud computing innovations that assist single practitioners and large dental practices. Whether you are looking for collaboration for IT resources or cybersecurity for personally identifiable information (PII), HRCT has cloud services for you.

Cloud Telephony For Dental Offices

You can now have office phone calls from any device or location with a unified app. With cloud-based telephony, dental practitioners can communicate with staff and clients without the physical desk telephone and multiple service providers.

HRCT offers affordable cloud-hosted phone systems. We offer the solutions through Microsoft 365 Business Voice, a cloud-based phone system that supports:

  • All-in-one communication: Your dental practice can collaborate through chats, meetings, voice and video calls, events, and access calendar and emails.
  • Scalability: Cloud-based telephony is scalable to meet your varying dental office needs. You can adjust the number of available phones, users, storage, and resources.
  • Multiple device communication: With Microsoft Office 365, you don’t have to worry about a fixed desktop telephone to make office calls. Cloud-based calls are available on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and office desk phones.
  • Host business communication on Microsoft’s cloud for data safety and security.

Cloud-Based Practice Management

Running a dental office also means handling administrative tasks such as patient communications, document storage and sharing, billing, human relations, accounting, and other office tasks.

Cloud-based practice management software enhances tasks such as:

  • Office tasks: Staff scheduling, office roles, patient cards, insurance claims, billing, notifications, and collaboration
  • Treatment processes: Dental charts, dental history, medication history, diagnosis, treatment plans and analysis, services, and patient notes
  • Patient communication: Booking appointments through calls, website chats, and messages sending message reminders, assigning patient portals, reminders, and check-ins

What are the benefits of centralizing dental office practice management on the cloud?

  • Easy-to-use and access clinical charts
  • Treatment planning
  • Improved staff scheduling and hour tracking
  • Patient inspections, notes, and callbacks
  • Electronic insurance claims for faster and accurate processing
  • Multiple device access on the cloud

Reach out to HRCT to learn more about desktop IT services for dental offices.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is a significant concern among healthcare practitioners. Cyberattacks, whether phishing attacks, ransomware, or malware attacks, put your business and PII at risk. Malicious hackers exploit network security vulnerabilities to access confidential records or manipulate practices into paying a ransom.

Healthcare data breaches have increased continually over the years, leading to the exposure of more than 268,189,693 health records- this up to the year 2020. Notably, data indicates that 92% of security incidents happen due to human error. Unfortunately, this means that your employees are your weakest link to your cybersecurity.

HRCT provides leading network security for your dental practice. We

  • Protect your network with firewalls that monitor everything coming in and out of the network. The firewalls help you detect and block malware and identify suspicious websites.
  • Your email plays a critical role in your business. Out top-notch, an email protection system monitors phishing emails and malware senders. We also offer online education for your employees to help them identify phishing emails through email addresses, content, and attachments.
  • As earlier mentioned, an overwhelming majority of security incidents occur due to human error. As such, training your employees is critical to help them identify attacks, manage their passwords and security options, and take measures to keep their cyberspace secure.

Cloud Server Hosting

At HRCT, we help you host your business on cloud servers. Migrating your data and networks to the cloud allows you to manage healthcare data at scale, manage the patient experience, coordinate care, and make dental office management easier.

Hosting your dental office software, EHR (electronic health record) software, and management software on the cloud helps you:

  • Accelerate collaboration
  • Empower document sharing
  • Improve healthcare data insights
  • Protect sensitive healthcare records
  • Enhance data flow from one point to another
  • Remain compliant

You can pay a flexible monthly subscription service to enjoy cloud-hosted services while resting easy knowing that you can quickly add and deduct your server demands. In addition, you don’t have to worry about wasting time on maintenance because we handle updates and patches without affecting your quality of services.

Cloud Data Storage and Backups

Organizations that are unprepared for incidents may end up losing business due to slow recovery. Incidents such as fires, floods, security breaches, hardware failure, and malware attacks can affect your current networks and cut off access to your data.

Cloud-based data backups help you recover your dental records no matter where you are and recover your business quickly. In addition, you don’t have to worry about losing any information when all your records are available online.

HRCT helps your dental practice prepare for data loss and business recovery. We help you develop an IT disaster recovery plan and backup all critical documents online. With cloud-based data storage, you enjoy automatic data backups, eliminating the risk of forgetting a manual backup.


Healthcare compliance is a critical part of operating a dental practice. Since you handle patient records and protected health information (PHI), you need to comply to HIPAA standards. You’re required to have the right safeguards that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic PHI.

Your dental practice should have technical safeguards such as firewalls, encryption, and data backups as per the security rule. We provide these solutions through cloud computing IT solutions. HIPAA also requires dental practices to develop appropriate policies and procedures and train employees on handling sensitive data and ensuring security.

HRCT offers training for employees, especially after cloud migration and implementing cloud-hosting services. We help you protect your dental practice from the inside out by preparing employees to detect, prevent, and react to security incidents.

Find Cloud Services For your Dental Offices

HRCT helps your dental practice improve services, EHS records and software, data and backups, and cybersecurity. We are ready to help your business realize the full potential of cloud computing. Reach out today for more information on cloud services for dental offices.