Virginia Church Needs Just One Number To Call For All Their Technology

HRCT provides churches throughout Virginia with only the best in technology services. Have one number to call and one team looking after your complete technology.

Virginia Church Wants A Single Source For All Their IT Needs – Who Steps Up? HRCT

This Virginia church needed a one-stop-shop for all things to do with technology—that’s why they called HRCT.


A Virginia church that needed a technology management partner capable of overseeing all aspects of their facility’s technology from end to end.

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Virginia Church Needs Just One Number To Call For All Their Technology

The Problem

This Virginia church had a long tech to-do list. They needed to update a range of different technologies they were using and had no idea where to begin.

They knew they could engage one vendor for their phones, another for their security systems, and another for their cabling, but the last thing they wanted was to have to deal with that many different companies.

They wanted their technology to work as expected, as simple as that. That meant finding a single technology partner that could manage everything on their behalf.

That’s why they got in touch with HRCT.

The Solution

This Virginia church was in need of a technology management partner that would be able to provide each and every service and solution they required. That’s why they enlisted HRCT’s support.

Our team immediately completed a comprehensive site survey and then shared key the requirements we determined for the church:

  • We provided detailed recommendations and options to help the church bridge the gap between its current technology and where it wanted to be.
  • We offered a comprehensive proposal to carefully explain how we would deploy the solutions they needed.
  • We facilitated an onsite live demo of solutions, allowing church members to view live images and videos from actual cameras that would be installed onsite.

By carefully assessing their needs and developing a plan to meet them, we ensured this church’s staff was kept properly informed of how their technology would be managed.

How HRCT Solved This Church’s Problems

Following our carefully developed plan, we executed a series of projects to bring their systems up to date:

  • Robust and secure access control systems for 18 doors on site
  • Deployment of a video surveillance system, including 12 cameras on the interior and exterior of the church
  • Deployment of an Avaya phone system
  • Design and installation of structured/Cat6 cabling

This Virginia church partnered with HRCT because we offered all of the technologies they were in need of. Without us, they would have had to work with a long list of vendors, which would have been much more demanding for the church staff.

Going forward, all service-related work or projects will be handled by HRCT, making any future requests easy. In a nutshell, we made technology simple for this church.

We will do the same for you—talk to the HRCT team to start upgrading your systems today.