A Guide to Opening Your Hampton Roads Office Back Up

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Many companies already have business continuity plans, but those may not fully address the fast-moving and unknown variables of an outbreak like COVID-19. Updated emergency remote work planning will be necessary, even if you’re transitioning employees back into the office. Unfortunately, a second wave is possible, and even if that doesn’t happen, other disruptions can lead your staff members back to working remotely. If you don’t have an emergency remote work plan in place, please consider the following:

Business Communications

  1. Implement a few remote phones, softphones, and remote licenses configured on a VoIP system for future use.
  2. Set up an audio-conferencing bridge with no penalties or required minutes to be used as needed.
  3. Set up video collaboration – Microsoft Teams is available via any Microsoft 365 subscription plan.
  4. Discuss having a business main number routing plan for incoming calls to ensure communication is seamless.
  5. Set up online access to route telephone numbers. Again, this can be done on a VoIP system.
  6. Consider an e-fax solution to send and receive faxes from any PC while away from the office.

Information Technology

  1. Consider corporate-owned laptop(s) to take home
  2. Use enterprise-grade security measures, such as spam filtering and anti-virus
  3. Have a VPN solution ready to use
  4. Back your server up to the cloud

Physical Security

  1. Implement a door access control system on the main entrance door with foot pull
  2. Use a video surveillance system to keep an eye on the business while everyone is away

Touchless/Safety Equipment

Install a touchless door access control system using key cards/fobs. Add a foot pull to open the door instead of using the handle.

  • HRCT can install the system and provide training. Call us for more information.

Use face masks to limit the spread of illnesses, especially in situations wherein social distancing is not feasible.

  • Great Bridge International is a great resource for this. Get in touch with them.

Provide gloves for those who are customer facing and responsible for debit or credit processing.

Be prepared to test your employees to determine whether or not antibodies are present in the blood with COVID-19 antibody testing.

Keep plenty of hand sanitizer in stock for employees, customers, and anyone else entering the building.

Office Furniture Outlet is a great choice if you’re looking to rework your office layout to create a healthier, lower-risk environment.

For further assistance with re-opening your office, click here to get in touch with one of our representatives or call us at (757) 399-3350.