OneDrive For Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro)

Posted by Eric O. Schueler, Senior V.P. of Information Technology

One Drive for Business

SkyDrive Pro, now called OneDrive For Business, is a personal space to store business documents available from Office 365 or Sharepoint Server 2013. As part of Office 365, you receive 25 GB of cloud storage space on OneDrive for Business (soon to be increased to 1 TB) or if you are using Sharepoint, your organization’s IT team will determine the storage.

OneDrive For Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro)

What is the difference between OneDrive For Business and OneDrive?

OneDrive is a free storage system that you can use through a Microsoft or Outlook account to store and share documents, photos, and videos. OneDrive For Business is designed specifically for businesses and is controlled and managed by your organization. OneDrive For Business stores business files and allows files to be shared internally. It allows individuals within a business to work on documents and then share them with those they need to collaborate with in the organization.

How to set up OneDrive For Business?

Set up is easy. Click here to find all the information you need to:

  •  Installation and set-up of OneDrive for Business
  • Store your work documents
  • Sync OneDrive for Business to your computer
  • More information about how OneDrive for Business different from OneDrive
  • Additional links to information about using OneDrive for Business

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How to share documents in OneDrive For Business?

Files that are stored in OneDrive For Business are only viewable to the individual who stored them until moved to the “Share With Everyone” folder. You can also move files among folders to share with individual coworkers as you collaborate on for projects.

Advantages of OneDrive For Business

OneDrive For Business is advantageous for a business because it for provides automatic back-up for your locally stored files, allows file sharing within an organization, and is secure. This is an important benefit, especially in the case of a disaster or a system crash.
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Posted by Eric O. Schueler, A+, MCP, MCSE, MCTS, CSSA, ACSP – Senior V.P. of Information Technology at HRCT.  Eric has been in the business of providing IT and consulting for small and medium business for more than 15 years.

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