Microsoft 365 Billing Changes Acknowledgement

Effective March 14th, 2022, Microsoft will be making the following changes to the way they bill for their Microsoft 365 licenses:


License cancellations, removals or prorations will no longer be available after 72 hours of adding a license. These changes will only be available upon the renewal of the subscription term (either monthly or annually).


License upgrades will only be available for eligible upgrade paths (i.e. Microsoft 365 E3 to Microsoft 365 E5). For non-eligible upgrades, the billing commitment may still be in effect.


Your choice of month-to-month or annual billing commitments. Month-to-month commitments will be billed at an additional 20% per license per month.

Layer 10

Price increases* for the following licenses:

Microsoft 365 Business Basic:
going from $5/mo to $6/mo

Microsoft 365 Business Premium:
going from $20/mo to $22/mo

Office 365 E1:
going from $8/mo to $10/mo

Office 365 E3:
going from $20/mo to $23/mo

Microsoft 365 E5:
going from $35/mo to $38/mo

Office 365 E3:
going from $20/mo to $23/mo

The billing frequency from HRCT will not change based on your commitment to Microsoft.

*Please note that these prices are only available under an annual commitment. Monthly rates are subject to a 20% premium.

Microsoft 365 License Change Request

Please move our existing Microsoft licenses to a 12-Month term under Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) effective March 14, 2022