Cloud Computing & IT in Norfolk

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is comprised of large groups of remote servers, linked to allow mass data storage with online access. The data security can be set to public, private, or hybrid, for your convenience.

Why Use Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing can greatly assist your Norfolk business, if you let it. Call Hampton Roads Communication Technologies today at 757-399-3350 to find out how cloud computing can improve your Norfolk business. The large volume of high-capacity networks, along with cheap computers and storage devices means that cloud computing is more popular and effective than ever.

How can my Norfolk business benefit from Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has the ability to maximize the effectiveness of shared resources as well as computing power. Additionally, switching to cloud computing can reduce your Norfolk business’s environmental impact, since you will be using less power and less air conditioning.

Your Norfolk business can avoid upfront infrastructure costs and streamline computer usage; applications will run smoother and faster, as well as being easier to maintain. Multiple users can access one single server on one single license, saving your Norfolk business even more time, money and hassle.

Call 757-399-3350 today to find out what Hampton Roads Communication Technologies can do for your Norfolk business.