Hosted Phone FAQs

Do you have questions about Hosted Phone Systems? The HRCT team has the hosted phone answers you’re seeking.

What is a Hosted Phone System?

A Hosted Phone System is an affordable business telephone solution that runs your telephone service over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol.) Instead of your business phone system running through your phone lines, voice, and data signals run through the cloud over the internet.

Won’t my phone bills be cheaper if I stick with a landline?

No. In fact, switching to a Hosted Phone System where phone calls are made over the internet could save you up to 50 percent on your monthly phone bill. There’s no guessing what your monthly phone bill might be. You have the peace of mind that what you pay each month covers everything, keeping your phone bills consistent.

What happens if my internet goes down? Does that mean I can’t make or receive calls?

Should the Internet go down, we can set up your system to fall over to a cellular signal so that your communications continue, uninterrupted.

Why should a Hosted Phone System be managed?

You wouldn’t leave your computer networks unprotected, so why would you do that to your phone system? When experts install and manage your phone system, they diagnose issues before they become a problem and perform regular maintenance. Without managed services, if your phone system goes down, you’re on your own. Managed services also keep you up-to-date with the latest technology, so you don’t get stuck with an obsolete phone system. Managed Services takes out the guesswork, meaning experts are there to train you and your employees on your phone system. Click here to learn about HRCT’s Managed Services for Business Telephone.

What happens when my business grows or adds a location?

The great part about a Hosted Phone System is that it’s scalable. It can grow with your business as it’s easy to add other lines and link multiple business locations.

I have remote employees, an out-of-office sales team, or I travel a lot. How does a Hosted Phone System help me?

Hosted Phone Systems can connect to mobile devices. With a push of a button, an employee can transfer a phone call directly to a cell phone as if the person was onsite. If your sales team can’t answer their phone when they’re out and about meeting with potential or existing clients, the voicemail to email business feature is useful to read voicemail messages instead of having to interrupt client conversations with calls.

What features can I get with a Hosted Phone System?

You can select any of the features your business needs, from call screening, voicemail to email, cell phone integration, call forwarding, music on hold and more, you have a variety of features available to your business.

Why are Hosted Phone Systems recommended for small to medium-sized businesses?

Firstly, Hosted Phone Systems are affordable. You don’t have the expensive costs of phone equipment or a PBX to run. You are leasing a phone system to keep it affordable. You also don’t have to have an in-house IT team to run your business phone system. Read more about how a cloud-based phone system is beneficial to your small or medium-sized business.

Post by Craig Maxwell, HRCT’s Director of Sales. Craig provides outstanding service and is responsible for helping our clients find the best business telephone, computer and IT solution for their company’s needs. Craig has been corporate educated and trained on both the technical and sales side of our industry over the past 18 years.