Hospitality Software
MICRO, Opera, and Room Master

The goal of any hotel is to provide a stellar guest experience. Part of that is achieved by giving customers the attention they require and deserve. Using leading software makes all process run smoothly and frees up valuable time that can be spent focusing on guest needs. 

The goal of any hotel is to provide a stellar guest experience. Part of that is achieved by giving customers the attention they require and deserve. Using leading software makes all process run smoothly and frees up valuable time that can be spent focusing on guest needs.

Whether you have a small hotel or a large establishment, software programs offer the support you need to optimize your business. In this blog, we will review three leading hospitality software programs: MICROS, Opera, and roomMasters

MICROS systems

Currently, there are over 330,000 MICRO systems functioning around the world at hotels, motels, casinos, restaurants, entertainment providers, and retail operations. The software serves businesses in 180 countries on seven continents. The sheer enormity of MICROS is a window into the software’s phenomenal success. Under the brand MICROS-Fidelio, they service 26,000 hotels worldwide with a strong focus on point-of-sale, cross channel functionality, and loss prevention. Without a doubt, they have become a gold standard in the hospitality industry. Reservations, housekeeping, marketing, and restaurant to sales are just a few of the things that the software suite easily supports.

MICROS provide the following solutions:

  • Fully integrated hotel systems with complete property management systems
  • Multi-property support
  • Central reservation systems
  • Online booking
  • Revenue management
  • E-Commerce
  • Global distribution systems for hotel reservations
  • Catering systems
  • Singe property support
  • Cloud-based
  • Sales reporting systems
  • Internet services
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Customer service information
  • Complete support and installation services for software products
  • Employee management and reporting

MICROS-Fidelio services all segment of the hotel hospitality market such as economy, budget, full service, specialized service, upscale, mid-priced, luxury, and limited-service hotels.

Opera Property Management Suite

Opera Property Management Suite (Opera PMS) is often referred to as the next-generation hotel management software. The cloud-based PMS boasts an easy-to-use inquisitive user interface and comprehensive functionality. There is secure data storage of hundreds of interface options that are ideal for hotels of all sizes or types.

Key features of Opera include:

  • Online booking
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Marketing
  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Marketing management
  • Single property
  • Catering management
  • GDS OTA integration
  • Online booking
  • Employee management
  • GDS OTA Integration
  • Multi property support
  • Vacation rentals

One of the key areas that stand out about Opera is that it is easy to connect cloud applications to existing applications in the cloud or on-premises. It boasts complete, open, and secure cloud solutions. Opera interconnects with PaaS and SaaS layers which allow you to combine business and data functions so you can deploy and control apps with your private cloud. You can also move them to Opera’s public cloud. The software offers efficiency and helps to dramatically enhance employee productivity so the hotel can deliver a truly outstanding and quality guest experience.

Check-in and Back-office Functions

Leading hotels and casinos have relied on Opera for years. The software has fine-tuned the entire check-in experience with the front desk agent. With Opera, you can integrate to your channel manager and enjoy hundreds of hospitality solutions. With the Opera property management system, you can not only focus on front desk tasks such as room blocking, room management, and cancellations but you can also maintain guest profiles and handle the back-office functions like revenue management,

Loyalty and Rewards Programs 

Opera uses cloud solutions to assistant hospitality businesses in their quest to extend loyalty and reward programs that promote repeat business and loyal guests who continue to book with the establishment. Effortlessly launch targeted intelligent companions and promotes with tailored offers to specific customers to truly personalized the service and end up exceeding the guest’s expectations. Using advanced profile management solutions, you can obtain and manage a variety of guest data in centralized databases that you can then share across various enterprises. These are ideal marketing solutions to spur customer loyalty while reinforcing the brand.

Reporting and Analytics

One of the cornerstones of Opera is the ability to report and provide analytics across all cloud’s solutions such as supply chain management, customer relationship management, resource planning, human capital management, and more. The reports and analytics provided give a detailed view of business performance from real data that is captured from all functional areas. The data visibility provides better organization and consolation of other business-critical data. Access all the actionable data anywhere to quickly evaluate performance, make crucial business choices, and forecast future success.

Mobile Solutions

Many in the hospitality industry forces mobile as the next step into the future. Employees can quickly check-in guests away from the front counter. With a mobile tablet, employees meet guests on the spot for effortless, fast, and efficient service. This can significantly reduce queue lines and wait times. Customers benefit from an enhanced experience. Staff can now deliver service anywhere, even on the go.


Without a doubt, roomMaster has emerged as intuitive software that lets you manage anything from a small motel to a large hotel with a thousand or more guests. The software meets the goal of satisfying guests while optimizing profitability.

Easy-to-use and Fast Installation

roomMaster was designed by former hoteliers who were familiar with the industry. The software is easy-to-use and provides reliable support. roomMaster is easy to install and takes only a few hours to configure everything. A team can usually learn the software within a few days or less.

Key features of roomMasters include:

  • Front desk management features
  • Reservation management covering walk-ins, check-ins, check-outs, and share-withs
  • Complete revenue management with tools and integrations
  • Reservation data integration with all booking sources
  • Guest profiles featuring preferences and history
  • Group management
  • Employee management
  • Housekeeping management
  • Room cleanings
  • Maintenance requests
  • Mobile tools
  • Sales and marketing
  • Accounting that covers multiple revenue streams, taxes, accounts, and payments

One of the perks of roomMasters is that the software has been used by the hospitality industry for the last two decades. With reliable support, many remain very loyal to the software.

The above three leaders, MICRO, Opera, and roomMasters, all share terribly similar perks but each one stands apart from the other with certain key features. All are outstanding choices that will meet the needs of any sized establishment.