Why You Should Consider Fiber-Optic Technology When Building a New Hotel

Fiber-optic technology can take your hotel to the next level. Do you know what it is? Discover why you should consider it for your new hotel.

Fiber-optic technology can take your hotel to the next level. Do you know what it is? Discover why you should consider it for your new hotel.

If you are reading this article, you are considering whether you should use fiber-optic technology. Great, you’re in the right place.

As you build your new hotel, you are entering a competitive industry. Many hotels offer the services you intend to provide to guests. Today’s guests have peculiar needs that their hotels must satisfy, such as the need for fast and reliable internet connectivity. You may lose guests to rivals if you do not provide the services they need.

Fiber-optic technology can provide fast and reliable internet connectivity to help you achieve your objectives.

Fiber-optic technology can transform your new hotel. Fiber is the fastest and cleanest kind of last-mile connection. Your guests can use it to enjoy excellent internet speeds and secure connections.

Why should you consider fiber-optic technology for your new hotel?

Clients often ask HRCT this question. HRCT provides business IT solutions and support. This article will help you discover the reasons why your hotel needs fiber-optic technology.

What Is Fiber-Optic Technology?

Fiber-optic cable is the fastest and cleanest wide-area network available. It can provide the highest bandwidth of any output network connection.

Fiber comprises single or multiple fibers of glass, wrapped in a protective sheath. This technology transmits pulses of light instead of electrical pulses. Each strand has an unlimited capacity that only the performance of devices at both ends restrict. DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) enhances fiber-optic technology’s performance, increasing the connection’s capacity without trenching.

What Are The Benefits of Having Fiber-Optic Technology in Your New Hotel: Why should you get fiber-optic technology for your hotel?

Get fiber-optic technology to enjoy these benefits.

  • Enjoy Higher Bandwidth: Fiber provides the capacity your guests need to transfer huge volumes of data. The speeds will not reduce as high demands fill the network. Your guests will get the bandwidth they need to conduct their businesses.
  • Get Enhanced Internet Speeds: The fiber-optic internet is high-speed. It is faster than the highest-speed copper net connections that range from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. Your connections will be stable during peak periods. These internet speeds save your guests’ time, making them satisfied with your hotel and likely to return or recommend it to colleagues.
  • Reduce Your Exposure to Breaches: Fiber-optic connections are less susceptible to cyberattacks. You can know if someone tries to intercept your data and take quick countermeasures.
  • It Lessens Latency: Your connections will have little to no delays when processing data over fiber-optic internet connections. Guests will download and upload large files without struggling. Reduced latency will help guests’ voice quality over VoIP.
  • Enjoy Increased Cloud Access: Your guests may want to access their files on the cloud. The speed and capacity of fiber-optic internet will support this access. They will get files and programs on the cloud faster, making them happy with their stay.

You need an IT company you can trust to help you get fiber-optic technology. HRCT can be the IT partner you need to make your guests get the fast and reliable internet connectivity they deserve. Our professionals will help you have the right fittings for fiber-optic technology and help you with the setup. We will support you if you encounter challenges.

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