10 Digital Workplace Predictions for 2020

10 Digital Workplace Predictions for 2020

As we move into 2020, we expect to see many changes happening around digital workplaces. Read this blog to check out all of our digital predictions for 2020.  

As workplaces are going more digital, there are some huge plans surrounding technology moving forward. With how much we’re learning about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology as a whole, the sky’s the limit for what’s possible in 2020. However, there are some key predictions that professionals believe might come true in the new year.

In this post, we’ll dive into 10 digital workplace predictions for 2020. We’ll discuss what they mean, how they work, and the implications they can have on workplaces all over the world.

Digital Workplace Predictions In 2020

Inclusive Workplace Focus

As digital workplaces have been used for years now, there has been one problem surrounding this topic: not everyone has access or the ability to use them. As we move into 2020, a rise in accessibility for these workplaces could be a strong focus. We can expect to see services being delivered in a more inclusive manner, and we can also expect to see a focus on making digital workplaces more accessible for employees.

Humans Will Continue to Win

If you look at the past 20 years or so, millions of people have constantly thought that robots would start to take over the world. But the year is now 2020 and it looks like humans are still leading the pack. That being said, we expect to see human innovation still advance in 2020, but doing so alongside the power of technology.

Microsoft Teams Takes Charge

Another prediction for 2020 is that Microsoft Teams will take a stronghold on integration and innovation. Since the creation of this software, it has already been extremely beneficial for many organizations. Due to its early success and incredible features, we expect Microsoft Teams to reach new heights in 2020.

Digital literacy and Mobile Focus

2020 will be a year where digital literacy and remote work really takes over. Today, more than ever, knowing your way around digital processes is a very valuable skill to have. And with technology booming that allows more people to work from anywhere they want, we expect remote work to also increase in 2020.

Youth Will Have a Huge Impact

Another prediction for 2020 is that our youth will start to really have a strong impact on society. With younger employees being more focused on digital, we expect to see stronger, more innovative digital workplaces. Companies are already seeing a rapid expansion of productivity, and youth-led teams are developing efficient processes in a faster timeframe.

Eco-Friendly Choices

As we turn the page to 2020, we think that environmental impacts will start to really change how the world works. That being said, we expect to see a slight decline in air travel, while teams are more focused on virtual meetings and working over the web.

A Focus on Search

2020 will be a year where there is even a stronger focus on search. We expect there to be more positions available for dedicated enterprise search experts, and we also believe that intelligent search technology will continue to improve.

Analytics Really Evolve

Another prediction is that we’ll start to see more insights come forth about how work happens at your organization. We expect analytics technology to continue to improve, which will allow us to paint a clearer picture of the workflow within a business.

Emphasis on Culture

Another change that we might see in 2020 relates to the culture and behaviors within an organization. With an expected rise in budgets, we should see more companies take strides to really create a unique culture within the workplace.

Digital HR Resources Increase

Human resources is expected to see many changes in 2020. Digital HR will start to really become popular as we start to digitize the employee experience. The expansion of new HR software and technology will help us understand more about our employees than we ever have before.

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