Cloud-Based Telephone Systems in Hampton Roads

Cloud computing is taking a wider niche in the modern business model. Businesses of all sizes find cloud-based software easier to use and manage. You no longer need to buy software and software licenses for all your employees, now every aspect of the business process could be done through the fast and convenient interface of the cloud-based programs. You are probably already using one or more of the most popular cloud-based software such as Gmail, Google Docs, etc.

Among the many advantages of the cloud are automatic updates and upgrades that are taking place on the server side rather than requiring manual actions and slowing down your network. You no longer need to worry about a specific plugin or add-on being installed. Everything is done on the remote server and you can concentrate on your work.


What is Cloud Phone System?

The cloud phone systems work in similar fashion, illuminating frustration on your part, allowing you to concentrate on your business instead of concentrating on the performance of your devices. The telephone system is no longer on site; it resides in the cloud. All you need is the phone that is connected to your network. Use only the application that you need at any given time to reduce the cost of your phone service.

business phone virginia beach norfolkHere are several advantages of Cloud-Based Telephone Systems:

  • You don’t need to purchase a physical telephone system.
  • Manual software upgrades are not necessary (everything happens in the cloud).
  • You can add as many users as you would like.
  • There are no long term contracts with on-site telephone systems.
  • There is no need for big investments.

Cloud-based telephone Systems

HRCT offers high-quality cloud VoIP business telephone systems from many of the leading phone companies.

We provide full-time business telephone service in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and other cities of Hampton Roads. We bring the robust, unified communication features of cloud phone systems to your business. Enjoy the easy management and expansion, mobility, and other features of the innovative business phone systems.

Business telephone systems come with essential features such as hold, transfer, conference, call forwarding, call recording, call monitor, along with enhanced voicemail, find-me follow-me routing, and more.

Contact the certified service specialists of HRCT for professional advice and to schedule an installation of cloud-based phone system in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, and other cities of Hampton Roads. Call for professional phone service today!