Are Desk Telephones Still Necessary?

by Sid Cervarich, Vice President of Sales at HRCT

Toshiba Business Telephones

In a recent article I read from Toshiba, the question was asked,

“Are desk phones going the way of the Dodo Bird?”

With all of the advances in business telephones, technology and mobile devices, it’s a logical question to ask. The answer right now would depend on your age. The younger generation is almost completely mobile. Many don’t have land-line home telephones. Making a decision, though, for your business is different and includes other factors in the decision like job positions and type of business. With today’s technology, desk telephones and mobile devices can be integrated.

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Here is a portion of the article from Toshiba.


“Are desk phones going the way of the Dodo Bird?  If you ask anyone under the age of 25 you might get a different response than if you asked a 35 year old who sits at a desk job on a daily basis.  The younger generations are growing up without house phones and the idea of a landline seems a bit superfluous.  Why would you need a desk phone when your mobile phone allows you the option of mobility and accessibility?  With a mobile device you can stand up, pace, walk to your car, or even drive while doing business.  To some it would seem like a waste of money and resources to have a phone that only worked in one location.”

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Posted by Sid Cervarich, Vice President of Sales at HRCT.  Sid has over 30 years of sales and implementation experience exclusively within the greater Hampton Roads area.  His range of experience includes governmental as well as commercial solutions.  His preference is to provide a consultative teamwork approach to solving customer requirements.

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