With StorageCraft, HRCT provides Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Data Backup.

HRCT StorageCraft Data Backup Data Storage Ransomware Protection Disaster Protection Disaster Recovery

“Where Your Data Is Always Safe, Always Accessible, Always Optimized.

We enable you to securely and reliably access the data that matters to you the most.”

With StorageCraft, HRCT Offers:

Converged Storage – Data Backup & Protection – Scale-Out Storage – Ransomware – Disaster Recovery

Converged Storage

With the increasing risk to your business data, Converged Storage provides solutions to manage and protect your data.

Data Protection

Slow speed and unreliable data storage and disaster recovery put your company at risk. “StorageCraft leads the industry for fast, reliable recovery of systems and data.”

Scale-Out Storage

With today’s enormous volume of data, traditional storage solutions are no longer viable. HRCT provides your company with a scaled storage solution that grows with your company and allows you to manage your storage remotely.

Downtime Hurts – Fast data recovery anytime and anywhere.
Flexible, instant and reliable recovery to protect your data from disasters and attacks.

Ransomware Protection

With ransomware protection, HRCT makes sure your data is secure from ransomware threats, optimized and if needed, ready to be restored. Proactive prevention measures are the key to protecting your data and keeping your business open.

HRCT StorageCraft Data Backup Data Storage Ransomware Protection Disaster Protection Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

HRCT helps safeguard your business data from disaster, so your company can recover and stay in business. Building a disaster recovery system can be expensive for individual businesses, so HRCT provides StorageCraft solutions that fit your company’s budget and needs. The goal is to keep your business running. “When the worst happens, know that data is safe, recoverable, and available.”

According to the FBI, Ransomware is on track to be a billion-dollar industry. Do not let your company be a victim.*

HRCT provides superior and reliable data backup, storage, management, and protection of your data using StorageCraft products and solutions in the cloud or with on-premise solutions. StorageCraft cloud data centers are extremely secure and store your data offsite.

Natural disasters, fires, ransomware, viruses and hard drive failure are all risks that can obliterate your business’s essential files. HRCT IT specialists can help you protect your company’s data with secure and optimized backup and storage solutions that fit your needs.

HRCT data protection with StorageCraft Data Backup Data Storage Ransomware Protection Disaster Protection Disaster Recovery

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