A Small Business Should Choose Its Network Partner Wisely

Even with a company of five to ten people, it is crucial to maintain communication with clients and vendors. You may not occupy the entire floor of an office building – in fact, you may work out of a tiny storefront – but this doesn’t mean your connectivity is any less important. Therefore, when you are ready to update your phone and Internet systems to apply Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, you should approach your search for a network partner with great care.

One advantage to choosing a network partner that specializes in working with smaller businesses is that these companies know your needs. A reputable company will not sell you on complicated equipment more suitable for a Fortune 100 corporation. You should receive personal attention to your setup and prompt troubleshooting from a turnkey solution that can be easily administered on a daily basis, regardless of whether you plan to hire somebody to manage your IT or keep the network partner on retainer.

As you research potential companies ready to install your new network, you want to consider the following features to simplify your network administration:

Network Design and Installation – Where office desks are currently equipped with a computer and phone on separate lines, the application of VoIP converges both and allows for streamlined connectivity. If needed in your business, you can also arrange to take your “phone” with you through laptop computers.

Virus Protection – If one person should click on a suspicious e-mail, you don’t want the rest of the office to catch the virus. Your network partner should offer a suitable program that handles all incoming problems.

Video and Internet Conferencing – Even a small business may need video conferencing capability. Your network provider can equip you with the tools to communicate with anybody, anywhere in the world.

Voicemail to E-Mail – Wherever you are, clients trying to reach you by phone can reach you through this functionality. If you are the type who constantly checks e-mails for updates, you can keep track of office issues through your network. Depending on the technology, you can click a message to hear your client or have the message transferred to text.

Your small business must come into the new age in order to thrive. Your network partner should recognize the scope of your business and the equipment required to manage communications effectively. As you research potential solutions, be mindful of companies that specialize in VOIP technology suited to your budget.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Hampton Roads VOIP consulting and Virginia Beach VOIP consulting.