5 Reasons Your Veterinary Clinic Needs Video Surveillance

Video surveillance remains an undeniably effective way to promote a safe work environment for your staff and secure business for your clients.

Veterinarians like yourself operate in a sensitive space.

You’re caring for beloved pets and often mistreated and high-risk strays from the local community. Furthermore, your clinic stores and uses controlled and valuable pharmaceuticals.

Factor all that together, and you get a highly liable business. From lawsuits to theft, your clinic can easily be a target.

When it comes to the conduct of your staff, the treatment of your patients, and the control of your medications, you need a clear record of each and every process that takes place in your clinic.

That’s why a video surveillance system is an important asset for vets.

Video Surveillance Vet Clinics

Why Does Your Veterinary Clinic Need Video Surveillance?

Video surveillance remains an undeniably effective way to promote a safe work environment for your staff and secure business for your clients.

With a functioning video surveillance system, your employees and clients can be confident that they’re safe while at your business.

Don’t forget that, in the event of a theft, your video surveillance system will give you a lot to offer law enforcement in finding the perpetrator and bringing them to justice. Clear footage stored safely on your hard drive and easily navigable by date makes follow-up as simple as can be.

Video Surveillance Isn’t Just Only For Security…

Although you may not be required to have a video surveillance system, don’t assume that there aren’t any other benefits of installing one beyond being secure.

Protection For Your Clinic & Staff

In the rare instance where an animal is abused or harmed, a robust video surveillance system can protect your business and staff against liability. Whether the harm comes from another animal or even an employee, a clear record of the situation will help clarify the details.

Pet Owner Peace of Mind

On the positive side, a video surveillance system can also be used to connect pet owners with their pets staying at your clinic long-term. You can set up a camera for your outdoor run or yard and stream the feed to pet owners, allowing them to check in remotely.

Track Controlled Inventory

A video surveillance system can help you monitor your medication and controlled substances. With the right configuration and deployment, you can use your surveillance system as a form of inventory management, double-checking and confirming what your staff reports on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing Organizational Record

By watching your clinic around the clock, you also gain a unique perspective into your business’s hour-by-hour, day-to-day, and month-to-month operation with the live recorded footage.

Promote A Positive Workplace Environment

Video surveillance will also help mitigate harassment and poor customer service because everyone on your premises knows they are being recorded.

Camera Surveillance Systems By HRCT

When properly deployed and managed, video surveillance technology creates a robust defense for your physical premises.

There’s plenty to consider when it comes to your business’s physical security—why bother managing it on your own when you could have HRCT take care of it for you?

We offer an extensive range of camera types to fit any business or environment. No matter the layout or size of your clinic, we can equip you with a comprehensive surveillance system.

Enhance Your Clinic’s Security & Visibility

Want to keep an eye on your business? Get in touch with HRCT to discover which type of security surveillance camera is right for you.