HIPAA Compliance Services

There’s no margin for error with HIPAA compliance and data security. It’s more important than ever that you confidently manage your compliance practices.

Are You Sure You’re Compliant?

No one is beyond the reach of the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR). It’s easy to assume they’re only really concerned with the “big fish”. Investigations can take years, so why would they worry about smaller healthcare organizations like yours and your potentially minor data breach, when they can focus on major ones?

Case in point – America’s second-largest health insurer, Anthem, was hit with a record-breaking $16 million fine for exposing the medical data of more than 79 million Americans. With cases like that to consider, why would the OCR care about you?

Hipaa Compliance Services

Unfortunately, this thinking isn’t exactly realistic – the OCR is just as willing to investigate your minor data breach as they are major ones like Anthem’s. Frensenius Medical Center was handed a $3.5 million fine after five data breaches, each of which affected fewer than 300 patients.

You Manage Your Practice – We’ll Manage Your Compliance

As you can see, failing to manage compliance is expensive. That’s why you shouldn’t bother trying to oversee your compliance personally. You’re too important in your actual role at your healthcare organization to split focus and risk overlooking something.

The HRCT team will help, following our proven plan for compliance:

1. Compliance Assessment & Strategy: Our compliance services begin with a comprehensive assessment of your IT systems, the findings of which are compared with compliance cybersecurity controls. Our team will then develop a strategy to mitigate any risks of noncompliance, providing detailed documentation that you can demonstrate your commitment to compliance.

2. Remediation: Once the assessment is complete and the strategy has been developed, our team gets to work implementing any necessary changes in order to bring you to a state of confident compliance. No matter what aspect of your cybersecurity is lacking, we will match it with a tested and proven solution to make sure it doesn’t put you at risk any longer.

3. Compliance Management: Compliance is not a one-time effort. Ongoing compliance requires ongoing management, monitoring your systems for any potential cybersecurity instances, and reporting to the appropriate parties. As your IT systems age, and compliance requirements are updated, our team will make sure you stay compliant, applying necessary changes as need be.

Don’t put your compliance at risk – HRCT’s team of HIPAA compliance experts are available to manage it for you.