Cloud Computing & IT in Virginia Beach

“What’s the cloud?”

It’s a common question; new technology is often misunderstood and occasionally feared. But we at Hampton Roads Communication Technologies are here to tell you there is nothing to fear from the Cloud.

Cloud Computing provides access to useful programs, and stores valuable data for businesses in Virginia Beach. This gives you as a business owner or employee the ability to access your data through the internet, just by logging in. All you need is an internet connection, and you can access all of your documents and information anywhere, anytime.


Cloud Computing erases the need for on-site servers, which saves your Virginia Beach business lots of time, money and space. There is no need to update software or add new licenses with cloud computing; you simply pay for what you need, when you need it.


With cloud computing you have the ability to limit and customize access to your files and programs. This means your Virginia Beach business can set different log-ins for different employees at varying levels of security. We at Hampton Roads Communication Technologies also provide high-level encryption for your Virginia Beach business.


Backing up your files and programs has never been easier. Cloud computing stores your data online and protects it in case of a server crash, theft, fire or natural disaster. Trust your Virginia Beach business to Hampton Roads Communications Technologies. Call 757-399-3350 to find out what HRCT can do for your business.