CMMC Prep Services in Virginia

CMMC Prep Services

Contact HRCT today for an evaluation of your current system and to discuss a road for CMMC Prep Services in Virginia. 

The Department of Defense is rolling out its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. CMMC requires DoD contractors to meet the required cybersecurity standards. Many worry about how they’ll pay for the changes required to their systems and procedures.

Fortunately, the DoD says that CMMC certification expenses are “allowable cost.” Allowable costs can be billed back to the DoD. On the CMMC website it states, “The cost of certification will be considered an allowable, reimbursable cost and will not be prohibitive.”

The required CMMC level is defined in sections L & M of the latest DoD Request for Proposals. DoD contractors can receive reimbursement for not only the CMMC Assessment and Preparation but also for remediation needed to meet cybersecurity controls for various contracts.

For U.S. companies struggling to understand complex DoD cybersecurity mandates over the past decade, this is welcome news.

Where Can I Find CMMC Audit Readiness Help?

HRCT is a managed IT services company serving the Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach areas. Turn to us to prepare your business for the new mandates.

1. Assessment/SSP/POAM

Our experts perform an assessment of your current system and prepare a report on how it compares to the NIST SP 800-171 requirements. The next step is preparing the security system plan SSP and plan of action and milestones POAM, which give you documented evidence that you’re working your way toward compliance. You use this information to create our mediation plan, if necessary.

2. Remediation

During this step, you take the items pointed out in your submitted POAM and address them. The length of time needed to complete this task depends on the state of your current IT infrastructure. You may only need to implement multi-factor authentication along with security training. If your current system requires major updates, you’ll need to show plans to refresh your legacy infrastructure.

3. Compliance Monitoring & Maintenance

HRCT Compliance Services support your transition to advanced cybersecurity protocols. We can show you how to improve your incidence response capabilities to meet the new compliance guidelines. Cyber incidents must be reported to the DoD using the DIBNet Portal with three days. Our security engineers can help you understand and meet NIST 800-171 controls as various systems fall out of compliance.

HRCT’s CMMC Prep Services in Virginia include:

  • Education on CMMC requirements
  • Explain the five levels of certification
  • Understand threat assessments and scoring by the DoD
  • Guidance on how CMMC assessors audit, collect metrics and assess risk
  • Prepare for audits by CMMC assessors

Contact HRCT today for an evaluation of your current system and to discuss a road for CMMC Prep Services in Virginia. We can help you keep and win new DoD contracts by remaining compliant.