HRCT Provides Exceptional IT Services To Collins Machine Works

When Collins Machine Works had outgrown the capabilities of its former IT provider, they turned to HRCT to provide them with the service they needed.

Collins Machine Works is a manufacturing firm that engineers, manufactures, and repairs parts and machinery for a variety of industries, including the Department of Defense. With more than 60 active users and well over 150 employees in subsidiaries across the country, Collins Machine Works relies on an extensive IT network. They trust Hampton Roads Communication Technologies to keep that network maintained and its users supported.

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Responsive IT Support


Before working with HRCT, Collins Machine Works relied on an individual IT support provider; a sole-proprietor who had become incapable of providing the required level of support due to the growth of Collins Machine Works.

This limited scale of IT support didn’t help Collins Machine Works to prevent and solve ongoing problems. The IT support provider lacked the resources to respond to issues quickly and provide the scale of support they required.

Eventually, Collins Machine Works’ leadership realized they needed a more robust form of IT support if they were going to continue to grow as a business.


Hiring HRCT provided Collins Machine Works with a more comprehensive, proactive, and capable form of IT support. They were able to eliminate ongoing IT issues and align their IT with their goals for the future of the business. Their users had a team they could contact when IT stopped working.


On an ongoing basis, HRCT provides support to Collins Machine Works’ 60 users, solving common IT problems, fixing systems when they go down, and keeping operations running. HRCT manages a range of critical IT systems for Collins Machine Works, including:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Business phones
  • Security cameras
  • Door access controls
  • Security-related functions

Technical Compliance Support


As a result of their work with the DoD, Collins Machine Works is subject to DFARS 800-171. The DFARS rules and clauses apply to the safeguarding of contractor/supplier information systems that process, store, or transmit Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

These requirements are complicated and can be difficult to maintain, especially when it comes to developing, implementing, and maintaining a given technical solution. That’s what Collins Machine Works relies on HRCT for.


While Collins Machine Works develops its compliance processes internally, when they need a technical solution, they come to HRCT.

“They help us come up with technical solutions,” says Jake Brown, Supply Chain Manager, Collins Machine Works. “We do a lot of our own corporate policy, but when it comes to technical, I have an idea of how I want to deal with something, I go to them and ask if it can be done like that, and they usually come back with a proposal or alternative.”


Collins Machine Works enjoys an effective compliance management system, wherein they determine internal policies that work best for their compliance needs and then have HRCT bring the technical aspects to fruition.

“HRCT provides the technical expertise needed to implement solutions for our requirements.”

Jake Brown,
Supply Chain Manager