Cloud Services

Is your organization using the full capacity of the cloud to put you on the same playing level as your larger competitors? Cloud services from HRCT will help you meet organizational and efficiency challenges.

How Can My Business Use the Cloud?

Cloud computing growth has really exploded in the last two decades, with increasing reliance on online storage and the flexibility cloud services offer. In order to realize the full benefits of flexibility and cost savings, auditing your needs and reviewing your infrastructure is the starting point in allowing your business to leverage enterprise-level cloud assets.

The HRCT team is ready to help your business do more in the cloud.

  • Hosted Telecommunications Solutions
  • Office 365 Migrations
  • Cloud Infrastructure (Azure and AWS)
  • Server and Computer Virtualization
  • Hosted Applications
  • Secure, Encrypted Data Storage
  • Business Continuity Capability

How Everything in the Cloud Works Together

All your organization’s devices and users can connect together using the Internet via a dedicated and secure network, pooling resources, and minimizing IT costs. Cloud users connect via desktop, laptop, smartphone or mobile device. Collaboration and mobile workflow are simplified, driving efficiencies and helping companies accomplish more in less time.

 Why the Cloud Is a Smart Choice for Businesses

There are a number of reasons that businesses make the decision to move from housing data and applications in-house and choosing to migrate these elements of their workflow to a cloud solution.

  • Email messages – Accessible from any desktop or mobile computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Mobile phones and smartphones – Harness mobile technology with the freedom to communicate from anywhere and removes the ties to a geographical location.
  • Collaborative platforms – Programs like Microsoft Teams provide today’s professionals advanced platforms the ability to share information and communicate within a central location, enabling all team members to have access to a highly-visual environment.
  • File sharing – Instant access to updated files and records from anywhere without worrying if this is the correct or most recent version of a file, or delaying communications while waiting for a response from a colleague.
  • Business Software – Accounting software, marketing systems, and many other “line of business” programs are now offered in the cloud. This means they can be accessed from home or the office with no special software or computers needed.

 What Can the HRCT Team of Cloud Support Professionals Provide to Companies Wanting to Harness the Advantages of Cloud Environments and Infrastructure?

  • A detailed analysis of your current and future computer and mobile system needs
  • Strategic planning and cloud roadmap development
  • Cloud system design and implementation
  • Provision of hosted cloud solutions and full or partial migration to the cloud
  • Cloud-based messaging and collaboration
  • Cloud-based remote workplace and connectivity
  • Cloud-based disaster plan protection and recovery
  • Consolidation and virtualization

How Can Cloud Consulting Help Your Business? – The Benefits of a Right-Sized Cloud Strategy

Cloud computing is not just a new way of doing the same old things. It is a completely new platform from which new things can be imagined and implemented.

  • Greater flexibility for workflow
  • Improved security for data
  • Higher adherence to legislative and industry-standard compliance mandates
  • Simplified scalability
  • Faster provisioning for remote workers and work-from-home employees
  • Better budgeting – paying only for what you need and use
  • Nearly unlimited computing power
  • Agility to meet industry changes and market fluctuations
  • Lowered Time to Value – fast rollout timetables