Is Switching To VoIP Business Phones Right For Your Business?

Has the time come to pull the plug on your telephone’s landline? Unlock the list of benefits only found when switching to VoIP Business Phones!

Has the time come to pull the plug on your telephone’s landline? Unlock the list of benefits only found when switching to VoIP Business Phones!

Is Switching To Voip Business Phones Right For Your Business_

 How Did VoIP Business Phones Become Necessary?

The modern workplace has seen well-established businesses and organizations fully embrace a remote workforce. But for so many smaller companies, the mobile workforce has been eye-opening. Regardless of how each got there, the number one problem is staying connected with staff, customers, and partners. The solution? VoIP business phones.

These hosted devices give you and your team an easy way to access work lines, no matter what device is on hand or your physical location. That’s precisely how VoIP technology works. Essentially, VoIP is short for voice over internet protocol. That means you can call or receive incoming calls over the internet. Now, your staff members have access to their work line from any device or location when actively connecting to the internet.

How do VoIP business phones operate?

Instead of using a landline, VoIP business phones use the internet. Being hosted in the cloud, you avoid complex hardware maintenance. It’s a straightforward system; once set up, it can ring on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or that old, outdated desktop phone. Here’s what your team members can do:

  •     If they’re working from home, they can access their work line and any extensions.
  •     Get voicemails to their email if they missed any calls.
  •     Co-workers can have calls forwarded or transferred to them.
  •     Multiple people can be on a conference call.
  •     Record and save calls and meetings.
  •     And much, much more.

Simply put, VoIP phones allow your staff office mobility a traditional phone can’t provide. It also puts access to enterprise-grade features in their hands at a fraction of the cost.

What features do VoIP business phones have?

Unlike the old traditional landline phones, VoIP business phones have some impressive features. Depending on what you need, you pick those features to use. They’re flexible enough to maintain seamless communication, regardless of device or location. The hidden elements are surprising:

  •     Do not disturb
  •     Call hold
  •     Call monitoring
  •     Voicemail-to-email
  •     Call forwarding
  •     Find-me-follow-me
  •     Click-to-dial
  •     Music on hold
  •     Send/receive texts via phone
  •     And much more

What benefits do VoIP business phones have?

If you and your team are remote workers, VoIP business phones are a proven solution when you can’t be in the office. Due to their flexibility, they’re easy to install, simple to use, and low in cost. Here are four widespread benefits businesses receive:

  1. Quick installation and configuration with simple-to-follow instructions, minimal or no onsite equipment necessary – making these phones perfect for remote workers.
  2. Simple for scaling up or down by adding or removing users via the user-friendly interface without installing complicated hardware.
  3. Fewer costs for communication are incredibly helpful if you’re calling long-distance over the internet and you want to reduce the cost of international calls.
  4. Communicate anywhere via the softphone application via employee desktop, laptop, or mobile device wherever it allows them to make and receive phone calls.

How will my sales team benefit from VoIP business phones?

A considerable benefit for your sales team is how a VoIP business phone gives them the option to customize your phone number. If your sales team is prospecting in areas not in your region, a unique number can be set-up using a local number. That gives any sales professionals a better opportunity and creates trust with their prospective clients.

How do I get started with VoIP business phones?

HRCT is here to assist and get you, your team, and organization up and running with VoIP business phones. We’ve helped many of our clients switch to VoIP, hosted phone systems, and premise-base phone systems. To get started, contact us, and we’ll book your meeting with one of our VoIP business phone consultants.