What Are The Benefits Of Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 comes complete with tools to benefit a busy team. It’s scalable to use, whether you’re growing your office or in the process of downsizing.

Microsoft 365 | The Top Benefits for Your Business

The odds are good that you’re familiar with Microsoft 365. You may even still call it Microsoft Office or Office 365. The software has been an industry standard since people switched from manual processes and data processors to computers. There’s a reason that Microsoft’s offerings have been so widely trusted throughout the years – they work well for your needs and they keep adding new tools and applications to streamline the workflow for any size office.

Microsoft 365 comes complete with tools to benefit a busy team. It’s scalable to use, whether you’re growing your office or in the process of downsizing. Everyone is familiar with features like Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Excel. But there is a myriad of applications made for companies of every size. Outlook, Teams, Drives, SharePoint, and OneNote give your teams the ability to collaborate efficiently and effectively inside and outside the office.

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Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Your Business

Microsoft Word and Excel were once the standard applications that everyone used in the academic environment and they smoothly transitioned to these once they were in the workforce. In the past decade or so, many people switched to free tools and there are younger workers entering professional life who have never installed any of the Microsoft offerings on their personal computers. Microsoft’s applications are user friendly and there is an abundance of training material through the company and independently available online because these applications are so widely used.

While there are other options for simple documents, such as a blog post or letter, Microsoft’s massive array of tools can keep your office documents uniform and allow for better collaboration across all of your departments. Microsoft 365 is affordable, secure, and you can adapt the usage to accommodate all of your employees. This can be a great advantage for companies that are currently growing at a rapid pace or downsizing.

Here are just a few of the benefits for your company:

  • Work from Anywhere. Because Microsoft 365 is located in the cloud, you can work from anywhere. You can access your workflow and files from home or work or even on the road, which means that you can schedule your work hours to fit your needs. This can benefit employees and clients. Employees get a better ability to build a work-life balance and clients will get the best customer service possible.
  • Work on any Device. Because it’s available in the cloud, you can work from any device with internet access. This includes mobile devices, iPads and computers at various locations. You don’t need to install the same software on all of these devices because you’re accessing the actual files on the cloud.
  • No Longer Tied to Your Desk. Because work can be done across devices, your workflow follows you wherever you go. You don’t need to complete a task at a certain station or location.
  • Same Experience Using the Web Application and the Desktop Version. The cloud version is identical to the Desktop version so there’s no need for retraining and all of your applications and tools will work the same.
  • Offers Applications to Aid Team Collaboration. Many of the Microsoft 365 applications were created specifically to help teams collaborate more effectively. Following some of the best practices can teach your team new techniques that help them manage time and client needs more efficiently.

Microsoft 365 is user-friendly and many companies can benefit from multiple applications included in the suite. Your company can customize the tools that you use to best fit your workflow and employee needs and you can mandate your own processes to include certain tools. For many companies, it helps to mandate the processes to help with training initiatives for new employees.