Does Your Business Have the Right Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions?

Expansive use of endpoint devices and Cloud connectivity has stretched cybersecurity thin. Businesses may want to invest in enterprise-level strategies.  

Expansive use of endpoint devices and Cloud connectivity has stretched cybersecurity thin. Businesses may want to invest in enterprise-level strategies.  

Industry leaders may find the following statement counterintuitive. Cyber threats have surpassed the abilities of in-house IT teams to keep pace.

Emotions aside, there are important takeaways to consider from that eye-raising proposition. First, in no way shape or form does this cybersecurity statement reflect poorly on your loyal and determined team. In-house IT teams are barraged with digital fires cropping up daily. The sometimes Herculean efforts of IT staff members to keep productivity afloat are daunting. They simply do not have the spare time to put a singular focus on emerging threats.

The second reason why in-house departments struggle to keep up with the latest hacker schemes stems from the fact that businesses continue to rapidly expand the number of endpoint devices that connect to Cloud-based data. When you boil it down, the vast benefits of boundless connectivity have grown too quickly. That is, unless your organization plans to double its IT staff.

In order to defend against cyber incursions across a brick-and-mortar and remote workforce, decision-makers are tasked with implementing enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions. Selecting the right blend of enterprise strategies ranks among the most important decisions you will make. At Hampton Roads Communication Technologies, we deliver cybersecurity expertise to the Virginia Beach area business community.

Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions

Do You Have Cybersecurity or Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions?

Not every organization has transitioned from what the IT industry broadly considers outdated cybersecurity to enterprise solutions. Before the rise of Cloud-based networks and widely used remote access, many companies simply relied on firewalls and antivirus software.

While these basic defenses remain important, enterprise cybersecurity aims at safeguarding data moving from your servers to the Cloud and endpoint devices via wireless connectivity. Hackers have put greater emphasis on locating security gaps and virtual entry points. Enterprise solutions look to shore up otherwise fragile defenses. Determining whether your organization has adequate enterprise-level defenses requires answering some hard questions about the current state of your cybersecurity strategy.

Do You Have Established Boundaries?

Before shifting operations to a Cloud-based system, your in-house IT staff probably oversaw data storage, backups, and rows of desktop computers employees used. Setting data access parameters was relatively simple. Today, permissions and privileges must be configured with regard to employee profiles using endpoint devices. Critical data must be encrypted during wireless transmission, and third-party providers must be thoroughly vetted. Business leaders may want to take a high-level meeting to discuss boundaries.

Do You Have A Recovery Strategy?

Corporate leaders who believe they have adequate enterprise cybersecurity would be wise to evaluate your strategy to recover from a cybersecurity breach. If a digital bandit decides that your defenses are robust, they move on to targeting employees. Their phishing schemes have become elaborate and continue to trick employees into opening the wrong email or clicking a malicious link.

“Seemingly, no matter what defensive measures security professionals put in place, attackers are able to circumvent them. No organization is too large or too small to fall victim to a data breach. No industry vertical is immune to attack. Regardless of the type or amount of your organization’s data, there is someone out there who is trying to steal it,” Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations report states.

The question decision-makers may want to consider is whether your current strategy can bounce from a breach or ransomware attack. Enterprise cybersecurity solutions consider worst-case scenarios and create actionable recovery plans.

Once industry thought leaders begin to question the state of their cybersecurity and in-house IT team’s bandwidth, thin gaps tend to appear. Enterprise cybersecurity solutions deliver the most rigorous security possible. At HRCT, we help companies close those gaps by advising management about a strategy that works for your organization. Contact our Hampton Roads office to schedule an enterprise cybersecurity solutions consultation.