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 We’ll discuss the numerous options available for a new telephone systems to see what’s best for the business. We’ll explain the system, what features are available, how long its takes to get up running, training, and most of all why you should choose our phone systems and especially why choose HRCT. 



30 years

 HRCT has been helping business and organization for over 30 years!
We help you stay connected with your customers.



Traditional or Hosted/Cloud/VoIP:

There are pros and cons of both traditional/on-premise systems and hosted/cloud systems. We’ll explain those and discuss feature advantages prior to making a decision. The following is a quick overview of both:

Traditional On Premise System: Higher initial cost. System will reside at your location and customer/vendor is responsible for equipment. Calls will route through local phone companies dial tone service or new service like SIP. Potentially higher maintenance costs.

Hosted/Cloud System: Lower initial cost. Utilizes the internet to deliver service from the provider. The provider is responsible for housing the equipment. You will pay a monthly fee, however your existing phone bill will go away. You can move existing numbers over to new system. In some cases its not much more than current monthly phone bill and your getting new equipment and coverage for the lifetime of the plan. Scalable from 1 user to 1,000s.

Easy to Use Solutions:

We offer solutions by Samsung and Avaya that are easy to use. Before the installation of the new system, HRCT will sit down to discuss programming options. We also offer free lifetime time training, as we want you to get the most out of your new system.

Affordable or “No Money Down” Solutions:

Lease options offer affordable payments, Possible decreased tax liabilities, and Preservation of cash flow/bank line of credits.

Free Consultation:

We’ll sit down with you, discuss your business, and give you some initial thoughts and recommendations, at no charge or obligation to you.

Choose from Many Phone Models:

We provide a complete portfolio of business phones and communication endpoints, from digital to IP. We offer devices for use at desks, conference rooms, and for mobile users.


HRCT knows that your business telephone system is an important communications link between you and your customers, so that’s why we provide 24 emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HRCT offers a Managed Services Agreement that will keep your communications strong and reliable and provides quick service when something breaks or is not functioning properly.




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HRCT is a business telephone, computer and IT company with over 30 years of serving our customers throughout the United States, Mid-Atlantic Region, Hampton Roads Virginia, north into Williamsburg and south into the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our main focus is on business communications, using the most cutting edge technology to keep our clients connected to their customers.

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