Network Assessments and Audits

Network Assessment Network Audit

Is your network performing as well as it should? Is it protected? Do you have affected computers?

HRCT offers Network Assessments and Audits of your IT network.

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HRCT’s Network Assessments and Audits include an in-depth review of the current network, including hardware, software and licensing. HRCT will generate reports showing the overall health of your network, risk assessments and concerns, and recommended solutions.  Assessments may include optional Site Diagram and Asset Detail reports.  HRCT can also perform network assessments and audits on a quarterly or annual schedule, and be added to our existing Managed Services plans.

HRCT performs Network Assessments and Audits by running a scan on the current network using our diagnostics and reporting software. From there, we can generate reports showing the risk assessment, problems and solutions for your current network. Initial network assessments are available for new or active clients. Additional audits and periodic assessments can be added to your current business agreements or Managed Services plans.


Our Network Assessment and Network Audit reports can include:

Client Risk Report:   This report will show you your overall risk score gathered from your scan. It will include your network’s problem areas.

Network Management Plan:  This report includes listings of all affected computers, users or sub-systems, along with recommended actions to fix the issues.

Site Diagram: We can generate a site diagram which breaks down and categorizes all the assets available on your network. It also shows the basic network structure and configuration.

Asset Detail Report: We catalogue and document each individual asset, including complete settings and configurations.

Full Detail Change Report: This report compares network scans and shows the changes to the network that have occurred between scans.

Quarterly Business Review Report: A quarterly business review report is available for our Managed Services clients. This report compares each quarter and centers on changes, showing overall trending.


How can I continue to receive Network Assessments and Audits after my initial scan?

HRCT can set up an agreement to scan and repair your network periodically. We also provide Managed Services agreements for your computer and IT systems. Managed Services agreements contract out the day-to-day management of your network and can include everything from: reliable network security, onsite and remote support, system back-ups, disaster recovery planning, preventative maintenance, patch management and repair services. Click here to learn more about our Managed Services plans for computer and IT.


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Hampton Roads Communication Technologies (HRCT) provides Network Assessments and Network Audits for businesses in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia including: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, north into Williamsburg and south to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


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