Cloud Computing & IT in Portsmouth

What can the Cloud do for my business?

What can’t the cloud do for your business? By giving you unlimited access anytime, anyplace, to your data and documents, cloud computing saves your Portsmouth business time, space and money. The cloud gives multiple users the ability to use a single license, meaning that your business only needs to purchase one. This means that with cloud computing, you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

How secure is the Cloud?

Cloud computing gives your Portsmouth business the capability of customizing access, so that employees will have separate logins and varying levels of access.

Why is the Cloud better than my server?

Your server is a vulnerable, physical item. It can crash, or be destroyed should the building fall prey to theft, fire, flood or other natural disaster. Backing up your files and programs in the cloud guarantees that they will be protected from life’s unavoidable surprises.

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