Skype for Business Enterprise Voice Capabilities

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Skype for BusinessSkype for Business provides enterprise voice capabilities through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that can enhance or replace traditional Private Branch eXchange (PBX) systems. These capabilities include common calling features such as Answer, Forward, Transfer, Hold, Divert, Release, and Park, along with Enhanced 9-1-1 calling (E911) for North America, and support for analog devices and a broad range of both IP and USB user devices from partners. Users can access these features over the Internet without using a VPN connection.


Skype for Business Enterprise Voice Capabilities

Features include:

  • Voice calls — place voice calls using the S4B client, S4B Phone Edition, S4B Attendant Console, or the S4B mobile client.
  • Anywhere access — use S4B calling features from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device all without requiring a VPN.
  • Call handling — answer a call or have it forwarded to voice mail, a mobile phone, another public switched telephone network (PSTN) number, or to a delegate assigned to answer calls.
  • Device switching — switch devices, for example a headset to speakerphone, without interrupting a current call or without placing a call on hold.
  • Visual Voicemail — when S4B is integrated with Exchange Server or Exchange Online, users can receive an email that has a preview of the voice mail. The user can view the voice mail preview in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Call delegation — users can delegate call handling to one or more assistants who can perform a number of tasks on behalf of the user, such as screening person-to-person calls, placing calls, and initiating conferences.
  • Team calling — simultaneously ring any number of users that a user designates as members of a team.
  • Infrastructure interoperability — S4B uses industry standards and published interfaces to interoperate with existing infrastructure.


In addition to the complete telephony capabilities of an IP PBX, Enterprise Voice is integrated with rich presence, IM, collaboration, and meetings. Personalized speed dialing keys are replaced by contacts lists, and automatic intercom is replaced with IM. Enterprise Voice supports High Availability through call admission control (CAC), branch office survivability, and extended options for data resiliency.

Skype for Business


Skype for Business has a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based call control architecture and it can interconnect with any standards-based SIP system. In the event that connecting telecom equipment does not support SIP natively, a qualified media gateway may be deployed for protocol translation.


Although Skype for Business is fully capable of replacing an entire voice network, it can also co-exist with an existing PBX environment to form a unified dialing domain that is transparent to end users. Unlike the traditional dial-tone based approach of trunk-to-trunk transfer, Skype for Business 2015 has a unified routing mechanism to deliver diverse communications and collaboration media streams under a single session between two or more endpoints. S4B not only offers these capabilities to its registered users or endpoints but it also provides interoperability with legacy voice/PBX environments.


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Why Skype for Business?

There are a number of reasons why 70% of Global Fortune-500 Companies have chosen Skype for Business for Unified Communications:

  • Commitment to Unified Communications: Microsoft has a proven commitment to Unified Communications as one of the key pillars of investment for the Office Business Division. This commitment that has seen Microsoft lead the market since 2003 and continually invest in game changing acquisitions such as the $8+ Billion purchase of Skype.
  • Experience: Microsoft has over a decade of experience delivering Unified Communications solutions to customers. Microsoft’s unparalleled user experience does not stop at Unified Communications but extends flawlessly across other platforms such as SharePoint, Office, Exchange and Active Directory to create a full Information worker experience and extract every last drop of value from our client’s investments.
  • Cross-platform solution: S4B will be pervasive, supporting cross-platform clients including non-Windows devices such as Mac and iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Microsoft is committed to providing continued support for browser-based access to meetings including audio and video over the Internet.
  • Open solution: A Microsoft Unified Communications solution provides customers with the innovation, choice, and value of an open approach. Microsoft customers are not locked into a single vendor and can deploy our capabilities within their existing infrastructure and integrate presence-based communications with their existing applications.


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Group Document EditingWhy Microsoft?

Microsoft has consistently been chosen by the Gartner Group as a Leader in the Unified Communications platform segment. They have the ability and resources to deliver on the vision that they put forth in the market place. The acquisition of the Skype and rebranding of Lync into Skype for Business continues to show Microsoft’s commitment to Unified Communications.

The incorporation of Unified Messaging into Exchange Server and to the desk top through Outlook further broadens Microsoft’s reach into the enterprise. The long term benefit will result in enhanced collaboration services from the desk top to the board room. Users will have the ability to leverage all means of communications whether it be visual, audio or keyboard based throughout the organization at every level.


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We help enterprises achieve their business objectives through effective leveraging of their IT infrastructure. We create value through implementing core technologies that reduce cost and improve productivity enterprise wide. This technology enablement resonates from the desktop to the cloud.

Our focus on technology is solely comprised on Voice over IP and the enablement of it for the enterprise. We are certified on the products that we support, sell and implement. This enables us the build long lasting business relationships that deliver value into the day to day operations of Hampton Roads Communications Technologiesour customers. The transition to VoIP via a Microsoft Skype for Business server solution is a complex first step towards Unified Communications and the rich feature set that it enables.


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