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HRCT will host your business phone system and bring your communication to the next level.
HRCT Hosted Telephone Polycom VVX Series

HRCT Hosted Telephone Polycom VVX Series

A hosted PBX phone system utilizes IP, the cloud-based technology, over your existing internet connection to provide telephone system functionality and making and receiving calls. Voice and data hosting, also referred to as VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is essentially phone and data hosting over the internet. Instead of using an on-premise phone system, which requires hefty hardware and on-premise maintenance, a business pays a monthly amount to a voice and data hosting company to provide features, updates and maintenance for a business phone system over the internet.



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HRCT Hosted VoIP

A hosted system has many features, including:

Basic Line Hunting Call Logs Call Hold/Park Caller ID

Call Transfer Speed Calling Do Not DisturbCall Screening

Call Forwarding Account Codes Voicemail to Email Outlook

Cell Phone Integration CommPortal Click to Call

Voicemail Find Me Follow Me Music on Hold


Call Now for Hosted/VoIP (757) 399-3350

Find out how voice and data hosting through HRCT can elevate the way your business communicates, and save you money all at the same time.


Benefits of VoIP

  • Saving monthly on your phone bill. In most cases savings could be up to 50%.
  • Does your business have multiple offices? A VoIP business phone system can seamlessly connect all your offices as one. No need to manage separate systems or purchase a system at each location! Intercom, transferring, paging, and voicemail between locations would be a touch of a button.
  • Does your business have any remote employees? HRCT can simply program a VoIP telephone connected back into your main system. Never lose communications again and they will get all the features of the telephone system.

HRCT can help your company save money, and take your business phone system online by installing a VoIP business phone system.


Have Multiple Offices or remote employees?

A VoIP business phone system can seamlessly connect all your offices, eliminating the need to have separate systems at each location. Also, give a VoIP phone to a remote employee and they will have all the features of the phone system like they were right in the office next to you.


Call Now for Hosted/VoIP (757) 399-3350

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