You Need Strong WiFi Service for Your Business

Install a WiFi Network or Optimize your current one.

Wireless Network


  • Maximize the signal and performance of your WiFi network by installing a strong, reliable WiFi configuration, using the latest technology, to identify and avoid interference.
  • Create a private WiFi network for employees and a separate public network for your guests.
  • Optimize network security.
  • Enjoy HRCT’s local support and 24/7 emergency service.


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Your company or organization deserves a WiFi network with optimal performance.

HRCT provides a professional wireless network site assessment to design and implement the best wireless network for your business. HRCT will come into your business and perform an assessment, so we can maximize wireless signals and avoid obstructions.

HRCT will install a wireless network that will avoid interference and create a better end-user experience. Using new technologies, HRCT will put together a predictive and reliable map showing the best quantities, configuration and placement of your WiFi network. A Heat Map is created by measuring the strength and performance of the wireless network throughout your building. The survey, assessment and heat map provide optimum network performance, security and compliance.


Using the latest technology, HRCT can:

  • Create a separate public network for guests.
  • Save your company money by avoiding expensive reworks on your wireless network installation.
  • Certify your wireless network for any application or design requirements.
  • Make your network “Bring Your Own Device” friendly.
  • Maximize the performance and security of your wireless network.


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Stop getting complaints from your guests about your WiFi service!

HRCT can keep your WiFi signal strong!

Is your wireless network too slow?

WiFi downtime means lost business and productivity.

Are you constantly getting disconnected from your WiFi?

HRCT is your WiFi expert and will work with you to correct the problem.

You need Strong WiFi Service for Your Business!


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