Software Support Alerts

When Software Support Ends

Software alertsAs software continues to be developed and refined, companies will release new versions and retire older versions. When this happens, the support for the software ends, and that can leave your computer, files and servers vulnerable to attacks from Malware, like a virus, worms, spyware and adware. The makers of software also stop supporting the old versions. This could mean the end of fixes and security patches.

Typically the company will give you a warning, like what Microsoft is doing with Windows XP.

Software Support Alerts

One important thing to remember is this, know what software and the versions you are using on your computer, laptop and tablet. Know what is on your server. That way, if a software is expiring, you can stay ahead of the game and upgrade to a newer version. Most businesses, though, are so busy running their own business, making it hard to keep up with the quickly changing world of technology.

That’s where HRCT can help.

HRCT has many different IT and computer options that include making sure your system stays up-to-date ad secure. For more information about the exact services, click here:


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Software Alert – Windows XP

One company that is getting ready to end its extended support is Microsoft for its Windows XP operating system. April 8th, 2014 will be the end of extended support. To find out more details, click here to read:




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