Network and VoIP Security

As a business owner you value the security of your network. You want to keep your data safe in order to succeed in your industry and protect your business from cyber crime. Dangerous cyber attacks may damage or compromise your data, hurting your business financially.

Network Security

Network security involves provisions and policies adopted by a network administrator to inspect and prevent unauthorized access, misuse, modification of a computer network and network-accessible resources. Without a proper network security your business becomes vulnerable against computer-generated incidents and outbreaks.

Your business computer network, however, is not the only part of your communication system that can get struck. Hacker attacks can damage your VoIP telephone system as well. Your call managers, routers, SIP proxies and call center services, IP telephony switches, and VoIP-to-PSTN gateway need to be protected to withstand attacks and unauthorized access to your system. This is especially important if your company offers online payment methods.

Protecting your Network and VoIP telephone system is one of the main components of the overall business security.

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