Virginia Beach VoIP Services

When you think of Virginia Beach, many images surely come to mind. You imagine the bright, sandy beaches and the thousands of tourists who come every summer to sun themselves on our shores. You may think of the area water parks and museums, shopping and fine dining in Town Center, and sailing in the Chesapeake Bay. While Virginia Beach offers many distractions for fun-seekers, the city is also one of the busiest in the Commonwealth in terms of industry – we are home to a large military presence and the headquarters of major corporations. It’s important, therefore, for your Virginia Beach business to have the right business telephone and Internet connectivity so you can stay in business and keep your customers and clients happy.

Hampton Roads Communications Technologies is here to serve Virginia Beach businesses with quality VoIP phone and business Internet installation and repair. As you rely more on telecommunications to get the work done, you need phones that offer crystal clear sound and multi-purpose functionality. Customers and clients depend on you to remain online for feedback and troubleshooting, and with HRCT you have a partner ready to offer you affordable and practical telephony solutions.

HRCT recommends equipment from Samsung and Toshiba designed to streamline your communications and improve your workflow. Employees can handle multiple lines, transfer calls to voice mail, forward calls offsite to mobile phones, and hold multi-line conferences. If you have a new office or plan to expand, we’ll install new VoIP and IT cabling for your equipment.

More importantly, HRCT technicians are here to help you maintain control of your data and protect your assets. We specialize in many services guaranteed to maintain your Internet connectivity: virus protection, network security, data recovery, and network design.

Call us today at 757-399-3350 to schedule an appointment and learn more about how HRCT can help your Virginia Beach business.