Meet the Team

Meet HRCT’s Executive Officers and Sales and Service Team Managers


Doug Gray


When it comes to support, service and the latest technology for your business telephone system, Doug Gray has the knowledge and experience to keep your business connected. He’s been with HRCT for over 27 years.

Fun Fact:Doug is living proof that someday techno geeks will rule the world.

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Eric Schueler

Sr. VP of Information Technology

As HRCT’s Senior V.P. of Information Technology, Eric provides the best computer and IT support, repair and managed services for businesses throughout the state, region and across the United States.

Fun Fact:Eric likes to restore old cars. His newest project is a 1956 Oldsmobile 88.

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Herb Gray


Staying connected with business telephone, computer and IT systems are vital to a business’ growth and competitive position.

Fun Fact:At one point in his career, Herb took care of 359 payphones by himself! All in Portsmouth, Virginia. Try finding a payphone now!

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Rob Pisterman

Sr. Telecom Technical Supervisor

Rob started his communications training in the United States Coast Guard. With 10 years at the company, he has worked his way up the ladder to the position he is today

Fun Fact:Rob spent four years in the United States Coast Guard and loves the ocean. When he’s not working, Rob spends most of his time playing and watching soccer.

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Craig Maxwell

Director of Sales

Craig has been educated and trained on both the technical and sales side of our industry over the past 18 years. His experience gives him the knowledge and know-how for business applications from start to finish.

Fun Fact:For years now, Craig has been trying to get on the show “Wipeout.” He’s also addicted to chocolate … anything chocolate!

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Jeff Beecher

Senior Network Engineer

As HRCT’s Senior Network Engineer, Jeff provides the best IT and computer support, repair and managed services. He has A+, Network+ and Security+ Certifications and Advanced Dell SonicWALL certification

Fun Fact:Jeff’s first computer was a Radio Shack Tandy 1000, running at “turbo” speeds of 7.2 MHz. Yes, MHz with an “M”.

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Victoria Arth

Office Manager

As the HRCT Office Manager, Victoria helps customers with everything from service order requests to billing inquiries. If our customers need anything, they do not hesitate to reach out to her.

Fun Fact:Victoria loves animals. Her favorite place is the Virginia Aquarium.

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Warren Beavers

Senior Field Technician

Warren has been in the Telecommunications industry for over 20 years. His career began with his training in the Delaware Army National Guard as a wire systems installer.

Fun Fact:Warren is an established bass player in the regional music scene.

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Aland Coons

Senior Field Engineer

Aland has over 25 years in the industry. He specializes in Network configuration, installation and troubleshooting.

Fun Fact:One of Aland’s favorite quotes: From the animated movie Robots “Find a need, fill a need.”

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Charles Williams

Service Technician

Charles has been in the telecommunications business since 2001. He joined HRCT in September 2013. Charles is certified in business telephone systems.

Fun Fact: Charles loves the beach and spending time with his family

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Stuart Katz

Help Desk Manager

Stuart has been working in Information Technology (IT) since 2000, after earning his degree in Information Systems/Operations Management. Stuart joined HRCT in 2015.

Fun Fact:Stuart has a black belt in karate since he was 16 years old.  He also recently started jogging and ran in 2 races. My goal is to run in the Tough Mudder.


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Mike Ives

V.P. Business Development

Mike is dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer expectations and loves to find ways for customers to utilize emerging technologies to solve business challenges.

Fun Fact:Mike is originally from Chicago, and he loves all things Chicago, especially the Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls.

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Tina Lavin

Assistant Office Manager

As the HRCT Assistant Office Manager, Tina handles the Accounts Payable, Receivables and customer service and billing inquiries.

Fun Fact:Tina’s favorite time of year is the summer. She loves the beach!

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Marlo Boone

Service Technician

Marlo joined HRCT as a service technician in 2017. He is experienced in Windows and Linux Operations, Software Research and Development, Cyber Security and Assurance.

Fun Fact: I love FOOTBALL!!! I also like going on long walks, playing video games, photography and technology news.

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Andy Matas

Network Engineer

Andy came to HRCT from the DOD network and has been in the IT field working in support roles since 2008. He is a military veteran having served in the United States Navy from 2001-2007.

Fun Fact: Andy is also a musician and podcaster Co-hosting several podcasts, and has played guitar for several locally based bands in Hampton Roads.

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Jonathan Crumb

Service Technician

Jon has been working in the IT field since 1993. He has certificates in UNIX and UNIX programing. Jon is a HRCT Service Technician and Helpdesk Technician.

Fun Fact: Jon enjoys theater (acting and directing). He also enjoys crafting (knitting and crocheting).

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