HRCT has strategically partnered with Paxton, worldwide leader for access control. With this alliance we can design, install and maintain the right door access control system for your business or organization.

Paxton Door Access Control

What is a Door Access Control System?

These are Access Control Systems that are designed to control entrance to a building. This can be for a specific set of doors and openings within an organization. This allows you to monitor who is coming in and out of your location, and you can even restrict entry for specific cardholders. A Door Access System will eliminate the need for physical keys, and instead, it relies on card technology.

No matter the size of the businesses, small, medium or large, they have assets that need to be protected from theft. In addition, it helps protect staff and their property. In buildings that are secured by locks and keys for doors, it is common for them to be left unlocked all day. This opens up the possibility of theft, malicious damage or personal harm.

Paxton Door Access Control provides the most convenient and efficient way of securing your building and assets, and it means that you will never have to change a lock again. Access through the controlled doors is done with a token, and you can easily remove tokens from the system if they are lost, stolen or just not returned by someone who leaves your company. Those tokens will not allow access through the controlled doors.

HRCT Paxton Security Door Access Control
HRCT Paxton Security Door Access Control products

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Door Access Control Readers and Products

Why we install Paxton Door Access Control Systems?

Choosing an access control system is an important financial decision for most companies. The cost is of course important, but the system also needs to match your requirements and be completely reliable.

Paxton Access specialize in access control solutions. Their development team is focused on designing systems that are fit for their purpose, containing the important features that are necessary for well-run organizations. Their commitment has resulted in their products winning a reputation for reliability and ease of use.

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