HRCT has strategically partnered with Cisco to offer complex cloud-based communication solutions. If you want to take your business communication to the next level, Cisco’s products can get you there. Cisco’s products include advanced malware protection, wireless controllers, routers and more! By partnering with Cisco, HRCT can offer your business the latest in communications technology.

Cisco Systems’ primary goal is to help connect the unconnected. Cisco is a multinational conglomerate that exemplifies Silicon Valley’s cutting-edge characteristics. We work alongside our customers to identify their needs and find the best solutions for them. This work ethic allows us to build long-lasting partnerships and prioritize our clients’ success. From the very beginning, Cisco’s main focus has been solving existing business challenges. In the 1980s, Cisco’s co-founders were unable to email each other from their offices. However, they didn’t simply chalk it up to insufficient technology. Instead, they developed the multiprotocol router. Now, less than four decades later, Cisco has become one of the largest networking companies in the world.

“Between hope and possible, there’s a bridge. Cisco technology is creating a world of potential.” — Cisco

With Cisco, HRCT is proud to launch all of the following products and solutions:
Networking || Internet of Things (IoT) || Mobility & Wireless || Cyber Security || Collaboration || Data Center



Cisco’s networking products include everything from switches and routers to optical and software-defined networking. With these products, your business will be able to troubleshoot faster and secure its cloud access. You can also contain and prevent cloud-based threats while integrating with other domains. Do you want to improve your network management and security? HRCT can help you find the perfect Cisco product for your needs!

Internet of Things (IoT)

Cisco’s IoT solutions guarantee highly secure connectivity and excellent data management. These solutions are also extremely versatile. That means they can help businesses in industries ranging from manufacturing and transportation to retail and education. With HRCT’s help, you can find the best IoT solution to enhance your business’ infrastructure. We can also help you reduce costs and achieve real-time data analysis.

Mobility & Wireless

HRCT and Cisco both know that mobile experiences have rapidly become the industry standard. Cisco’s wireless products take that into account by ensuring comprehensive security — even for employees who are mobile or remote. Cisco’s access points can be managed indoors, outdoors or even from the cloud. This gives your business the flexibility to control its wireless infrastructure. If you want a wireless solution that is reliable and built for IoT, let HRCT find the right Cisco product for you.

Cyber Security

Cisco is an industry leader in cybersecurity and threat intelligence. As cyber threats have grown more intelligent, so too have Cisco’s solutions. In order to prioritize cybersecurity, Cisco’s products include advanced malware protection and next-generation firewalls. Cisco also offers solutions for cloud security, web security, email security and more. With HRCT and Cisco, your business can achieve effective network security and stop threats in their tracks.


As the world grows more connected, the ways in which we work are no longer traditional. Some of your employees may work remotely, while others may be located in different countries. Working across multiple offices and time zones requires constant collaboration and communication. Luckily, Cisco’s products can help you with that! In partnership with Cisco, HRCT is pleased to offer conferencing tools, unified communications, collaboration endpoints and more.

Data Center

With Cisco’s virtual data center model, your employees will be able to access data from any app, any location and any cloud. Cisco harnesses AI and machine learning technologies to deliver a simple, hyperconverged infrastructure to every business. These tools will allow you to conduct real-time app analysis, speed up deployments and even automate IT tasks.

For decades, Cisco has been connecting people around the world. By partnering with Cisco, HRCT wants to bring this connectivity to all of the businesses we work with. Do you want to improve your telecommunications infrastructure and prioritize network security? Give HRCT a call today! Our consultations are free, and our specialists would be happy to find the perfect solution for you.

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