3 Cloud Services Vital For Your Business

3 Cloud Services Vital For Your Business

These 3 Cloud Services Are Vital for Your Business

Is your business taking full advantage of the cloud-based solutions that are available, or are you still relying on local solutions? These 3 solutions will help prove the value of the cloud.  

There are millions of companies that have shifted their business models to move software and services to the cloud, but there are nearly as many organizations that still are not quite sure about the benefits cloud services can offer. Even if you’re not ready to make a move that dramatic, there are a few vital services that can quickly add value to your business — or that can be implemented over time. Any sort of change that you make has the potential for problems, which is why many corporations work with cloud services providers to ensure their transitions go smoothly and efficiently. Ready to get started in the cloud? These three cloud services will give you a taste of the value that you can expect from this change.

1. Productivity Software is One of the Best Cloud Services

Does your business staff struggle with finding their documents after the file has been saved? Perhaps you spend a great deal of time worrying about whether the security levels are accurate for files as they’re being shared with others. With a distributed workforce, one of the key complaints that IT companies hear is the lack of access to critical business systems when employees are working from home or on the road. With Microsoft Office 365 cloud services, each team member will gain access to the full suite of primary Microsoft Office apps that can be added to the device of their choosing. This flexibility allows for quick collaboration, secure and shared storage and easy access to familiar tools.

2. Your Business Will Benefit from Data Storage in the Cloud

While Office 365 does a great job of keeping documents and spreadsheets organized in OneDrive, your teams are still generating dozens of other document types that may or may not be fully protected. Cloud-based data storage can be configured to provide the correct degree of security based on an individual’s network login, widely considered to be one of the most secure options for data storage. When you shift your data and business app backups from local solutions to cloud services, you have the option of quickly getting your business back online in the event of a cybersecurity incident or natural disaster.

3. Cloud Phone Systems Keep Your Teams in Close Contact

One of the primary frustrations for customers is when they are unable to quickly reach someone to resolve their issue. Traditional phone systems may not provide the flexibility needed by today’s mobile workforce, but next-generation cloud telephony services can fill the bill. The newest phone systems provide easy communication regardless of your preferred method, with everything running through an easy to manage VoIP service. Everything from receiving faxes to translating voice mail happens in seconds and your customers will be delighted with fewer missed calls.

While these three cloud services are among the most important solutions that you can implement for your business, there are plenty of other possibilities that can help with business process automation, content filtering, project management and more. While moving large components of your business operations to the cloud could require a bit of retooling in terms of integrations, you will likely find that your business becomes more flexible and agile by making this shift. When you have questions about upgrading your Microsoft Office 365, changing data storage paradigms or looking into cloud-based backup, contact the professionals at HRCT today at 757-255-8952 or quickly request service through our web-based form.