Simple Suggestions for Switching to a New Technology Partner

Simple Suggestions for Switching to a New Technology Partner

Simple Suggestions for Switching to a New Technology Partner

There’s never a good time to make a significant change to the way your IT infrastructure works or who provides the support. Follow these tips to help the move go more smoothly. 

Anytime you change partners in business, you expect that there’s going to be a few bumps in the road. What you deserve is knowing that your business will be able to continue, with all changeovers being tested multiple times to ensure that there is a minimal impact on customers and your staff. With the average cost of IT downtime in the $10,000 per hour range, it’s vital that you get things ironed out quickly to reduce lost productivity and revenue. When your current IT services provider is not meeting your response time metrics, continually upselling or lacking in network security procedures, it’s probably time to make a switch. Fortunately, the professionals at HRCT understand the frustrations with poor IT services and have put together this quick-hit list of suggestions to keep things moving smoothly when you’re ready to change IT solutions partners.

Create a Full Audit of Current Systems and Network Connections

If your IT services provider is not able to provide a full audit of your current connections, now is a great time to get that mapping in place. Consider both internal and external networks as well as vendors and partners that have access to your business data and systems. Each of these connections will need to be reviewed and secured by your new infrastructure support partner.

Start with Redundancies

You need to know that your switchover will be as glitch-free as possible, so work with your new solutions provider to create a redundant set of connections and systems that can be thoroughly tested before your final cutover time. This could include everything from your website servers to business data storage, depending on the specific needs of your business.

Get Recommendations for Remediation

Having a new set of eyes on your network security is always good, so take this opportunity to ask your new partner to review your current cybersecurity posture and make recommendations for improvement. Even if you don’t implement all of the suggestions at once, it’s good to have a prioritized list of next steps that will help protect your business both now and in the future.

At HRCT, we are experts at onboarding new clients or handling switchovers from prior IT support professionals. With our unlimited email, phone and web-based support and guaranteed response times, you can be confident that your business is fully protected from Day 1. Contact the experts at HRCT today at 757-255-8952 to claim your free initial consultation or visit us online to request more information.