Does Your Business Need a Service Agreement?

Does Your Business Need a Service Agreement?

Phone systems and computer networks are a given for making sure that your business can operate smoothly and communicate with customers effectively. These two systems are so essential, in fact, that they are often taken for granted until they stop working. If you own or operate a business, you may want to consider a service agreement to ensure that your phones and computer network are up and working at all times.

With a service contract (or service agreements), you will regularly pay a set fee or retainer for regular service and preventative maintenance. By paying for a regular system checkup, your technician can detect and repair problems before they become catastrophic. Especially in businesses with multiple phone lines, a service agreement can help to ensure that your business phone system is essentially always up and running.

What if something breaks — what if a hurricane or severe thunderstorm takes out your IT network or phone system? Especially in an area like Hampton Roads, businesses need an IT emergency plan to keep operating during hurricane season. With a service contract, you get reliable service on a 24/7 basis, so when things do go wrong, you get priority service rather than having to wait in a queue of other businesses who have the same problem. While they wait for repairs, your business is at the front of the line and will be back up and running first.

If your Hampton Roads business relies on a phone system and computer network to be productive, a service contract for both may be a great fit for you. A service agreement can help to keep your phones and IT in good working order at all times, even when things break or extreme weather strikes.

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