Ways You Can Use Video Conferencing

Ways You Can Use Video Conferencing

by Kathryn Lively

Having worked in Web development and marketing for over ten years – well before even Google existed – I have seen how this industry changes. New innovations in communication have made it easier for us to contact people on the other side of the world in real time, and while we don’t have flying cars yet we should be amazed at some of the things we can accomplish at home. When I was younger I used to go with my family to EPCOT Center and view all the “futuristic” exhibits that proposed what the future could be like. I’m starting to see some of it now, and video conferencing is one thing that has become more commonplace thank to the technology.

In my line of work, video conferencing is helpful when meeting with a client based in another city. Using the right software, we can carry on a real-time discussion of events and plan development of projects as though we were all in the same room. You may think that video conferencing is limited only for business use, when in fact the technology serves multiple purposes. Here are just a few way you can make it work for you:

Educational: Let’s say you want to teach a workshop or class. Maybe you’re teaching rudimentary Spanish or algebra, anything that would necessitate bringing a group together. You can expand your student base by offering classes online, and video conferencing technology allows you to teach a class and interact with students. Set up a camera to see students and use software that lets you display presentations and worksheets as you teach.

Promotional: One thing I’ve noticed among author friends is that virtual book clubs are becoming more popular. If you want to gather readers from around the country to discuss a book or writing technique, you can set up a time to talk via video. This can work for other promotional opportunities as well, if you wish to demonstrate products or brainstorm with a team for marketing ideas.

Personal: These days you probably don’t get the family together as often as you’d like. Why not set up some time where everybody can get together and chat? You can share vacation photos and catch up, and all you need is access to the right conferencing software to make it happen.

We may not yet be to the point where we are projecting holograms to communicate with one another, but video conferencing is a good first step toward simple global communication. The potential for its use is endless.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Norfolk IT solutions and Norfolk business computer solutions.