Why Call Forwarding Is Essential for Your Business

Why Call Forwarding Is Essential for Your Business

These days, business doesn’t necessarily end at five o’clock. The Internet and innovations in commercial connectivity allow many industries to extend their reach more easily across the US and around the world. Communication with vendors and customers on different continents is achievable through advanced telephony and video conferencing, and a highly functioning e-mail system can help increase your productivity. It is important, too, to make sure you business phones have the required features to ensure you never miss a critical phone call or drop out of a teleconference. Call forwarding, in particular, is one application you need in order to stay ahead in your field.

Right now, your business telephony system is probably equipped with a number of features that make your job easier. A VoIP setup may allow incoming calls to flash on your computer screen so you can properly identify who is calling your office, and multi-line systems let you transfer callers to other offices and voice mail boxes. If you have not included call forwarding as part of your plan, it’s definitely something to consider. Even if your office closes promptly at five, there’s no need for after hours phone calls to become lost or uncompleted.

Consider these reasons for adding call forwarding to your business telephony:

  • Remote forwarding automatically sends a caller to your mobile phone, wherever you are. If you have to leave the officer during business hours, or if you are on a corporate trip, you can remain connected to your most important clients. A call placed to your office will instantly transfer to an assigned phone off-site, and you can conduct business as normal. Missed calls may be transferred to a mobile voice mailbox, so you don’t have to access a remote inbox at work.
  • You can utilizing a remote forwarding feature to connect to a toll free number, which in turn allows long-distance customers to contact you. In this age of mobile telephony you may not think having a toll free option is important anymore, but for those potential clients who prefer calling a number that’s easy to remember, you can communicate with them more quickly.
  • Call forwarding allows you to deal with emergencies on a timely basis. If you leave for the day and a problem arises with equipment or other aspect of your work, you may not learn about it until it’s too late. With call forwarding, crucial calls reach you quickly so you can extinguish any fires before they cause too much damage.

Call forwarding is an essential part of your commercial communications. Talk with your VoIP or telephony provider about your options.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Norfolk business telephone services and Virginia Beach IT services.