The Features of a VoIP Phone

The Features of a VoIP Phone

Thanks to innovations in business telephony, you’ll find the phone on your desk does more than ring and let you speak with customers. Multi-line systems let you join in on conferences and transfer calls to co-workers, and you can save and forward important messages from your voice mailbox. With a VoIP phone system, you gain a number of features designed to improve productivity.

With a Voiceover Internet Protocol system, you’ll soon discover that it is easier to connect with clients and potential customers. Just some of the features that improve functionality over a standard phone include:

  • LCD Display – With a display on your phone system, you can utilize Caller ID and easily transfer calls within your office.
  • Voice clarity – Because VoIP phones function over Internet lines rather than standard phone lines, you may experience clearer calls and in turn better understand communication with clients.
  • Headset jack – With this phone system, you can attach a hands-free headset that allows you to work freely without sacrificing a typing hand for the phone, nor do you have to crick your neck pinning a receiver to your ear.
  • Specialized ringtones – If you’re not at your desk, a specific ringtone assigned to a contact (or general caller) can alert you from a distance. You can determine if you need to hurry to answer, or if you can afford to let the call go to voice mail.
  • Security features – If you have concerns about how data transferred via VoIP is protected, you can discuss encryption options with your IT/telephony provider.

What else can one do with a VoIP phone? Features once considered “premium” for standard phone systems are practically the norm with these systems:

  • 3-Way Calling – If you need to conference with more than one client, you can set your phone to connect with multiple parties.
  • Call Waiting – One of the more common features on a home phone, Call Waiting alerts you when another party is trying to reach you.
  • Voice mail – Voice mail acts as your answering machine. You can save or delete messages or transfer them elsewhere in your building.
  • Group pickup – If a colleagues phone rings incessantly, and you know he/she is out for the day, you can pick up the calls without leaving your office with this feature.

A VoIP phone system offers many benefits to your company, regardless of size or industry. Clearer communication, ability to save and forward calls, and hands-free communication are just some of the ways you can see your productivity improve.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Norfolk business telephone services and Virginia Beach IT services.

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