The Advantages of VoIP for Business

The Advantages of VoIP for Business

Whether you have just under ten employees at your workplace or well over a hundred, you need to consider the possibility that your phone system needs upgrading. New innovations in business communication allow companies to take advantage of phone system updates that improve connectivity and in turn help relations with clients and vendors. If your business isn’t equipped with VoIP systems, for instance, you may find your business is at a disadvantage compared to competitors with upgraded phone equipment. The calls you miss due to downtime could make the difference between a successful quarter and a disappointing one.

If the only thing you know about a telephone is that you pick up the receiver before making a phone call, you probably don’t know much about VoIP, much less what it is. VoIP stands for Voice Over IP, and refers to a system of technologies that involve voice communications over IP (Internet protocol) networks. In short, a VoIP telephone system is simply one that utilizes the Internet rather than land-line phone connections. Through such a system, one’s phone system, fax, and voice-messaging functionality is transported over the Internet – the result is typically clearer communication and ease of use. Advantages to a voice over IP system for your business include:

1) Uninterrupted communication. When phone lines are down in your area, you may still connect with clients through your communications system.

2) Cost effectiveness. It may be cheaper for installation of a VoIP system in your office because the cabling is connected to your existing Internet setup.

3) Flexibility. You can connect with employees and clients anywhere in the world through your VoIP system.

4) Integration with Existing Computer Systems. With your VoIP system, you can set up functionality that lets you see on your computer who is calling you. This helps you prepare for calls with client and potential customers.

5) Upgraded Equipment. With a new system comes new business phones that let you set up multiple lines with ease. You can transfer calls to co-workers, to voice mailboxes, and to conference setups.

Your business doesn’t have to be on the Forbes 100 list to take advantage of the benefits of a VoIP phone system. A consultation with a local business telephone and communications provider will help you to understand what is involved in setup and use. A reputable company, too, will arrange for a training session and offer assistance when needed. This is time to ensure your communications are stable – good telephony keeps you in touch with customers, and the business world.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Norfolk business telephone systems and Virginia Beach business telephone systems.