Voicemail to E-mail

Voicemail to E-mail

In my last blog I pointed out that technology has spoiled us and here’s another spoiler that you’ll love.

You’re out of the office and someone leaves you a voicemail message.  What happens?  You may not know anything about that message until you get back to the office.  That may mean missing out on an opportunity – lost business – bummer right?  So what can be done to eliminate that scenario?

Voicemail to e-mail is certainly a step in the right direction.  As soon as your customer finishes leaving you a message, your voicemail system sends you an e-mail with the voicemail message attached.  Now you can receive that voicemail to e-mail message on your smart phone, your home computer, your office computer – wherever you want to receive it, and when you open the attachment, you will be hearing the voicemail message that your customer just left you; it’s just like listening to an mp3 music file.  Once you listen to the message you can potentially call the customer (their telephone number will be part of the subject line of your e-mail) or sometimes forwarding that message to someone else via e-mail and adding your instructions might be an even better solution.

The main thing is that being away from the office does not mean you have to wait until returning to the office to handle business client needs.  Staying connected in a smart way will allow you to win more business and keep your existing customers happy.  If you are wondering how to make your voicemail system provide voicemail to m-mail, just give us a call at 757-399-3350.  We’ll help you with your connections to your customers.


Posted by Sid Cervarich, Vice President of Sales at HRCT.  Sid has over 30 years of sales and implementation experience exclusively within the greater Hampton Roads area.  His range of experience includes governmental as well as commercial solutions.  His preference is to provide a consultative teamwork approach to solving customer requirements.

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