Caller ID & Screen Pops

Caller ID & Screen Pops

Technology has spoiled us – it’s true.  Most of us have smart phones and are now expecting to at least see a picture of the person calling you before you answer the call and if not a photo then for sure their contact information – name, address etc.  So when you are at work and your office phone rings and – – – nothing.  Well, maybe the telephone number calling you and maybe a name, but for many business people, nothing.  What the . . . .?  Why can’t you have what your personal phone has been providing you for a long time?  You can.  You just need a business phone system that’s up to the task.

Let’s look at just a few of the ways your business phone system can potentially give you what you want.  When that call comes in, you should at least be able to see the telephone number and name of the caller.  But you’re in a business and lots of people in your company may have talked with the same person calling you.  What happened on those calls?  If you use a contact data base like Outlook, when the call rings in to your phone that contact information can simultaneously pop up on your computer screen, also known as a ‘screen pop’.  Now you can see the photo, plus all standard contact information and in addition, if people are journaling calls for that contact, you see their notes as well.  Your customers get better service because you know them better.  Customers like that feeling of great service and screen pops really help your delivery.

But what about when you’re not in the office you ask?  Now your smart phone can use apps to connect a call ringing in to your office and simultaneously screen pop your smart phone app.  The presentation between your office and your smart phone will vary depending on a number of factors, but as long as your phone system can deliver, you’ll be better connected for business and your customers will be delighted to reach you instead of your voice mail.

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Posted by Sid Cervarich, Vice President of Sales at HRCT.  Sid has over 30 years of sales and implementation experience exclusively within the greater Hampton Roads area.  His range of experience includes governmental as well as commercial solutions.  His preference is to provide a consultative teamwork approach to solving customer requirements.

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