Telephone Date & Time Change

Telephone Date & Time Change

I know, you’re looking at your telephone set display and the time (or day/date) is wrong.  It may have been wrong since you started working for your company eons ago and no one knows how to change it.  All is not lost.  In fact, this is your lucky day because I know how to change it.  Now I’ll be the first to admit there may be some business telephone systems out there that I don’t know how to change, but my list has been growing for over 30 years so you’ve got a good chance for help.  Let’s start off with a sample:

If you have a Samsung business telephone system you can most likely make the change as follows:

  1. Press the TRSF button
  2. Dial 200
  3. Enter pass code, which is 1234
  4. Dial 1
  5. Press the Speaker button
  6. Dial 505
  7. You will see on the display screen:  WDDYYHHMM
  8. Set the correct date & time by dialing the digits as follows:
    W – Day of the week (1 for Monday)
    MM – Month (01 for January)
    DD – Day
    YY – Year
    HH – Hour (24 hour clock format of military time, 1PM = 13:00)
    MM – Minute
  9. Press TRSF button

You are done!

That wasn’t too bad was it?  Now for the kicker, that only works for most Samsung telephone systems.  If you have some other kind of telephone system just give us a call at 757-399-3350 and we’ll probably be able to help.


Posted by Sid Cervarich, Vice President of Sales at HRCT.  Sid has over 30 years of sales and implementation experience exclusively within the greater Hampton Roads area.  His range of experience includes governmental as well as commercial solutions.  His preference is to provide a consultative teamwork approach to solving customer requirements.

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